Lunar Coffee Brewers (Downtown Gallery)

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Beef Rendang Don

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Tender beef slices, flavourful well-balanced gravy from the spices but was thankfully not spicy. Comes with Japanese rice and onsen egg. Quite a hearty bowl for food coma to ensue at work!

Located within OUE Downtown Gallery is this buzzy cafe run by the people behind Atlas Coffeehouse. Seating is aplenty β€” there are communal tables for large groups, window-facing counter seats for solo diners and round tables for small groups. Lunar Coffee Brewers's menu features quick and easy rice bowls like the tasty Beef Rendang Don ($16) and the Gochujang Chicken Don ($14.50). The crowd favourite Salmon Soba Noodles from Atlas Coffeehouse gets a remix here β€” the roasted shimeiji mushrooms are replaced by pickled vegetables, while the cilantro lime yogurt is removed. In its place are two slices of house-made miso nori butter stacked atop the salmon, which can get a little too rich when it melts, so we suggest asking for just one slice of butter in your bowl instead. If you're a fan of their cold brew, The Milky Way ($7), you'll love the Milky Way Soft Serve ($5.90). Smooth and creamy coffee soft serve topped with shortbread crumbles for some crunch. Pro tip: Help yourself to the free-flow sparkling water on tap β€” what a treat!
Avg Price: $20 per person
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This was yet another brilliantly executed rice bowl from Lunar Coffee Brewers β€” the Nyonya-style Rendang that's so shiok with the flavours of the spices and a balance of coconut cream which coated the slices of beef on top of the bed of Japanese rice that comes with Onsen Egg and Pickled Vegetables. To be honest, I am not really taken by this one β€” but, for a very good reason; it's actually pretty good for a Beef Rendang that I couldn't really take in the fact that I am sitting in a cafe having it! πŸ˜‚

Enjoyed this rice bowl the most, the rendang flavour is umami gooood πŸ™ƒlove the pickles and onsen egg as well

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Tender slivers of beef simmered in a flavour-packed gravy ladled atop Japanese rice with a wobbly onsen egg and Japanese pickles β€” what’s not to like?