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Mixed Tendon

$15.80 · 98 Reviews

The Japanese Fried Rice starts from $10.90.

Chahan is typically served as a ‘side dish’ as part of an extensive menu at many Japanese restaurants here, so great to find this item taking centre stage.

Kogane Yama’s Hokkaido-style ramen features springy noodles with fried cabbage in miso soup enriched with pork bones.

Typically you would find loads of bean sprouts in Sapporo / Hokkaido ramens, but their take includes fried cabbage instead.

The vegetables (and then broth) fried under high heat, imparts that touch of smokiness, ’wok-hei’, and natural-sweetness.


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The batter comprises of Japanese tempura flour and fish seasoning, then deep-fried in soybean and sesame oil.

I noted that the batter was crisper and lighter than before, and learnt that the recipe has been further fine-tuned recently.

The eggy chilli crab sauce is then poured over for a luscious finish. As a little suggestion, I thought that a spicier tentsuyu sauce would have made this more shiok.


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Kogane Yama's chirashi don ($15.80 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) comes in an amazing portion, as well as a great sashimi:rice ratio. Each bowl comes with salmon and tuna cuts, as well as prawns and scallops. All seafood prepared are really fresh, and I love it how I can enjoy the bowl even without putting any sauce. Definitely back again for more!


Good combi of ingredients, all cooked to a good texture, and not too oily!
Great value with Burpple Beyond 👍🏼

Came here for the Burpple 1for1 deal. Mixed tendon bowl with choice of rice or ramen ($ 13.80 each) is not bad but still prefer Kohaku’s. Value for money with Burpple Beyond👌🏼

Food: 6.5/10
Ambience: 6/10
Total Damage: $10/pax - with Burpple Beyond

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Generous spread of fish, chicken and vegetables, batter was light and tasty, ambience was very cool and had the impression of being very high class 0.0 Price was also very affordable :-)

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Been pretty impressed with all their dishes so far. The mixed tendon comes with 2 prawns, chicken, carrot, pumpkin, shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, long beans and a piece of seaweed. I loved that it was crispy and not too oily. Towards the end I wished there was tempura sauce to dip the ingredients in, but overall really not bad.

Price: $14.80

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Above average tendon, definitely way below some of the better Tendon in Singapore. Batter was too thick and ingredients weren’t as refined. One of the two prawns was not fresh, and the lotus root was tough and cut way too thick. Overall, won’t be back again unfortunately.

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We had the mixed tempura with soba/rice, bara chirashi don and gyu don. All tasted so good and the portion size was generous. The miso soup and chawanmushi which came with the set meal were tasty as well. Overall a very satisfying meal!

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The mixed tendon comes with 2 pcs of chicken tenders, 2 pcs of prawns, enoki mushroom, shiitake mushroom, long beans, sweet potatoes and seaweed. They were all well-fried, drizzled with spicy sweet sauce. However, I got a little surfeited half way through the meal. I’ve chose Udon instead of rice, but the portion of Udon is little and tasteless.

(S$15.80++, mixed tendon; additional of S$1++ for Udon)