The Bomb

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"Lady Hyde killed the hype". What sounds more amazing than a classic Hawaiian pizza with pork floss and bak kwa? But what sounds good doesn't necessarily taste good. How can anybody even destroy a good old Hawaiian pizza in such a way? Nuff said.

I like it is like spring onion cake but on a pizza skin. It's nice but a bit too spicy for me๐Ÿ˜…

[Halal | Invited Tasting, 1/6] So the other day, I was kindly invited to an eat-up at Hyde & Co to try out their new items. Their new menu, titled 'Take Hyde Out' is designed to cater to the pro-takeout and pro-delivery crowd.

Here is a half-and-half pizza of Geisha (left) and The Bomb (right). Not your conventional toppings for sure, with ingredients such as mentaiko mayo and bonito for the former, and Sambal Cincalok and omelette, chye poh for the latter. But it still manages to not alienate the pizza-nomming experience.

My favourite was The Bomb definitely. The thin veil of sambal cincalok packed a spicy punch, and the prawn + chye poh omelette had a nice bite to it which actually felt intrinsic to what a pizza should texturally be like. And oh boy, did I relish this. Funny thing was, I was expecting to hate it knowing how pungent the smell of cincalok usually is, but wow I can safely say that I'm a straight-up convert!

It is expensive though, with half a pizza going for $14 and a full-sized one going for $27. But if you ever get the chance to, really, I recommend that you give this localised flavour its deserved try.

(Geisha: 6.6/10 | The Bomb: 7.3/10 | Overall: 7/10)

Talk about unique. Have you ever tried a chye poh prawn omelette pizza? Well, I can now say I have! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Part of their new menu, I was initially skeptical about this creation, but it really came together thanks to the sambal chinchalok spread underneath the omelette. The surprising heat does wonders with the fluffy fried egg and generous amount of prawns.

Hyde & Co.'s Gourmet Pizzas have crusts that are on the thin side, crispy but not too much like a cracker. If you're indecisive/curious like I am, you can opt for half-&-half pizzas. I'm torn between the 2 we tried:

The Bomb ($13.90/$26.90)
Don't be fooled like we were-- the heat from the Sambal Chinchalok really packs a punch! The spread is in between the crust & the Prawn Omelette layer-- not visible until you chow down & feel the heat. It's not overwhelming, but you definitely can't miss it. & who knew that Chye Poh ่œ่„ฏ (picked radish) goes so well on an omelette pizza?! Thumbs up for this fusion dish that is unique & tasty.

The Geisha ($14.90/$27.90)
A fusion combination that most would not be surprised at. Erring on the safer side, this Norwegian Smoked Salmon & Mentaiko Mayo combination was pretty dang harmonious. One of my pet peeves with Smoked Salmon is that it is usually crazy salty, but this wasn't like that at all. The Burnt Broccoli (sounds bad to be burnt but it's more like charred lah haha) adds some texture to the pizza but isn't difficult to bite through, so that is also lovely.

** Prices are listed in "(half-pizza/full-pizza)" format.

๐Ÿ’ต Cash only
๐ŸŒฌ Air-conditioned seats only
๐Ÿ‘ Halal-certified (CAA Jun 2017)
๐Ÿ™‹ No GST or service charge
โœ‰ Invited tasting (thanks Burpple!)


A smart fusion between Asian & Italian flavors, their newest items have been done to match their new concept of take-out!
One of my favorites from tonight would be the Firecracker ($22.90) - a unique laksa haebihiam base concoction & The Bomb ($13.90 for half, $26.90 for full) Pizza! With a spicy sambal chinchalok base for a pizza, you'd be surprised at all the flavours that you'd receive in one bite!
Thanks @burpple for inviting us along & @derrickchew for sharing with us your creations!
P/S: do take note of Hyde & Co's Ramadan opening hours! They're now open Tuesday nights as well! โ€ข
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This awesome dish really got me really excited!! Think pieces of al dente elbow pasta soaked in ever comforting Cheese and well mixed with a whole pool of SAVOURY SALTED EGG SAUCE, together with some mushrooms and shavings of spices, topped with pieces of TORCHED MENTAIKO NORWEGIAN CRAWFISH and finished with a few black caviers on top - coupled with the ambience and company, THIS IS ABSOLUTE INDULGENCE and the best dining experience I havent had in sometime. I'll be back for more at my new favourite #hydeout.

At the rate I'm eating these good food, I think i can just forget about the iPhone 7. And @swensenssingapore really disappointed me with their substandard Lagsane today, was pretty happy with their past standard but today was really a no go.

ๆƒณๅ›žๅˆฐ่ฟ‡ๅŽป ่ฏ•็€่ฎฉๆ•…ไบ‹็ปง็ปญ ่‡ณๅฐ‘ไธๅ†่ฎฉไฝ ็ฆปๆˆ‘่€ŒๅŽป

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Had the nacho chips very different from other cafes. Very crisp and crunchy, the 2 dips was the bomb very refreshing and slightly savouring. Waffle was done to perfection, crispy on the outside and not cakey in the inside.

Unfortunately, boss only has his own interests of quick business. He "chased" 1 diner away who was besides my table. That diner was nice enough to gulp down his remaining drink and left. Another incident, a lady was waiting for his friends who hasn't arrived. The boss asked "can I know what time your friends are coming."

To the boss: if you wan a fast turnover rate set a fast food chain. Please don't spoil the cafe market. We feel stressed when we finished our desserts. The boss stood at the cashiering area spying obviously if we were finished. Its like we were obliged to leave immediately. So what u have a nice pretty cafe but such service attitude. I'm sorry , I won't be back even though your waffle is up to my standard. I want a restful time chilling at a cafe not rushing to leave immediately.