Steak & Eggs

$28.00 · 2 Reviews

The Artistry Cafe has introduced a new menu today and it's great.

It still serves fantastic brunch dishes that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Take this modern approach to a classic "Steak & Eggs" (S$28++). It's a 300g of sliced 150-days grain fed pure Angus beef striploin that comes in the default medium doneness that's just full of flavour from the herbs and seasoning. It come with two 62 deg onsen eggs and my favourite element on the plate, the smashed Japanese pumpkin. They should really make this a side dish!

This was a hosted meal by Artistry! Thank you Artistry for the hospitality and Burpple for the invite! 🙌🏻


For a protein loaded meal- steak and eggs is the answer.
Artistry improves upon an otherwise banal Angus beef striploin by serving it pink- as it is more pleasant to the palate.
The smashed Japanese pumpkin we all loved as well- to the point of recommending it as a stand alone side. Nothing should go direly wrong with the natural sweetness of the orange plant.

Thank you @burpple for the my first successful Tastemaking Eatup and @artistrycafesg for the warm hosting.