Sanshoku Warabi Mochi

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Comes 3 flavours: kinako, goma and matcha. There is a brown sugar sauce which you can pour onto the mochi for a more intense flavour. It’s satisfying to have this as a dessert as the mochi is so soft and jelly like.

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📍Misato, The Centrepoint📍
💸Cheese Korokke
💸Misato Ebi Donburi
💸Cha Soba
💸Sanshoku Warabi Mochi
💸Matcha Bavarois
Passed by Misato several times and always wondered why is there a queue outside this restaurant🤔Ordered a ton of food and we have to say everything was so delicious and exquisite looking (really want to own their tableware😍)!! While everything was amazing, what definitely stood out for us was the Okonomiyaki, Ebi Donburi, Cha Soba and the Warabi Mochi🤩 The Okononiyaki was just packed full of crunchy cabbage, you have to eat it piping hot♨️The Cha Soba, may seem simple, but really done right with that beautiful dip. The Misato Ebi Donburi seems quite special topped with oyakodon style runny egg, yums! The perfect ending to our meal was the Warabi Mochi: goma🖤> kinako💛> matcha💚Do try to get there slightly earlier before their opening hours as we got there right before they open for dinner and there was already a queue forming

Have you chanced upon a viral video by @sethluicious whereby a F&B owner suffered losses of $2.2M on his Japanese restaurant but still refused to compromise on quality? That restaurant is @misatosingapore.

Nestled in a cluster of restaurant at Gastro+ @thecentrepoint_sg, @misatosingapore is a contemporary and chic restaurant that serves up exquisite Japanese fine dining cuisine at affordable prices.

👉Sanshoku Warabi Mochi - SGD10.90
📝Comprising of 3 different flavours - goma, kinako & matcha, they are freshly handmade daily, hence boasting that perfect jelly texture. Served with kuromitsu syrup on the side, you don’t actually need this at all since they are already perfect on their own. Highly recommended to taste them in this specific order: kinako -> matcha -> goma.

P.S. You got to try their A5 Ohmi Wagyu Hoba Miso Yaki (non-profit dish) too when you’re here! But sadly, it’s priced at SGD53.80 now, compared to about 2 years ago (SGD43.80).

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Centrepoint
176 Orchard Road 01-33E, S238843

Not only are the dishes beautifully plated and taste much better than many Japanese restaurant chains out there, the prices for such a meal in Orchard Road is almost unbeatable, and we are talking about less than $20 for most of the dishes. Food tastes great, checked. Wallet-friendly prices, checked.

Almost every table in the restaurant ordered the Tonkatsu Set which comes with a sizeable portion of breaded, deep fried Kurobuta black pig cutlet with the usual accompaniments of cabbage, miso soup and barley rice; for the quality at that price, you will enjoy this dish thoroughly. Additionally, we got the Teriyaki Chicken Donburi, which to me, was the highlight of the meal, as the grilled chicken had the smoky aroma with the sweet teriyaki glaze, served over Japanese rice. To end off the meal, we were torn between the Kuzukiri or Sanshoku Warabi Mochi, and we got the latter that comes with 3 flavours of goma, kinako and matcha, served with kuromitsu syrup on the side. One bite of it and you will experience the jelly-like, almost melt in the mouth texture with the balance of flavours from the coating and syrup.
✨ Misato
📍 176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint, Unit 01-33E, Singapore 238843
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Melt-in-the-mouth mochi in 3 flavours - kinako, goma (fave!), and matcha. The texture of the mochi is super good, and like other dishes here, came beautifully presented. The other desserts here are affordable (

Finally got to try what has been touted as the BEST warabimochi in town (yes i'm slow hahaha)

You know how some warabimochi require you to chew a little too much and has this super sticky and starchy mouthfeel? Well that wasn't the case for these, The warabimochi slides smoothly down your throat with minimal effort, leaving behind clean and refreshing mouthfeel especially since it was served chilled .

I loved how i got to enjoy the best of all 3 worlds in this aesthetically-pleasing crescent shaped bowl. Its a medley of sweet, bitter, and nutty fragrance from the kinako, matcha and goma respectively. We were advised to consume it in the order of light to dark, though I think i broke the rule hahaha😅 .

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Served with stellar ingredients from Japan comprising of shiitake & maitake mushrooms, ginkgo nuts, assorted nama fu and negi places on hoba leaf cooked over charcoal with their secret miso recipe

Have you chanced upon a viral video from @sethluicious whereby an F&B owner suffered losses of $2.2M on his Japanese restaurant but still refused to compromise on quality? This is it.

Nestled in a cluster of restaurants at Gastro+ @thecentrepoint_sg, @misatosingapore is a contemporary and chic restaurant that serves up exquisite Japanese fine dining cuisine at really affordable prices.

Priced at $43.80++, the Hoba Miso Wagyu A5 is described to be a non-profit dish as the owner wants more people to know and enjoy this interesting dish. In terms of taste, texture & even aesthetics, I was not disappointed at all. With that intense marbling, each wagyu beef cubes came with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, and went really well with the yellow caramelised miso sauce. You definitely have to get this when you’re here!

Special mention goes out to their Sanshoku Warabi Mochi (3rd pic). Comprising of 3 flavours - goma, kinako & matcha, they are freshly handmade everyday, which clearly explains the perfect jelly texture.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Really love the food here. Warabi mochi was melt-in-your-mouth delicious and Matcha pudding was really wobbly and creamy. Prices are high and portions are small but it’s so worth it for such high quality desserts...

So far, we liked most items we tried there (sweet sour pork, gyoza, warabi mochi, teriyaki salmon etc...except for the fried ebi don. We enjoyed the exquisite cutlery used in the shop.

Desserts to die for. Handmade fresh daily, Warabi Mochi have that soft, melt-in-mouth texture.
Oyako-don is perfectly balanced as usual.

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