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Not the kind of food youโ€™d expect in a packed bar but surprises like these are always welcome. The Cavatelli is simply comfort food at its carbbiest. Delightfully chewy pasta in a rich tomato sauce jam-packed with pork sausage meat. Youโ€™d think it would be pretty heavy, but I could have easily cleaned the whole plate off myself. ๐Ÿ˜


Wonderfully cooked chewy cavatelli slicked in a cheese-enriched tomato sauce with lots of sausage bits and a handful of rocket leaves. So, so satisfying!


This is one of only two pastas on the menu at Employees Only but it's a damn delicious way of carb loading.
Hearty in size, the al dente housemade pasta was cooked with pork sausage meat, rocket leaves and tomatoes. Flavours were bold but well balanced.
We had ordered this to share but I could have easily finished it by myself.


Homemade pasta with pork sausage, tomato and rocket - an excellent dish, especially considering its from a cocktail bar. So very comforting with a hint of spice I can't put my finger on, I'd happily come here just to eat. The place is loud and full of expats, somewhere I wouldn't naturally come to, but now... I really want to eat this and their cheesecake again!