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Matcha Soft Serve

$5.90 · 24 Reviews

This entire set is to die for! I’ve had it twice and I’m still so in love; each item is so flavourful and well thought out and all the little items go so well with the soft serve. I was blown away by the mochi and the incredibly flavourful azuki red beans that went so well with my matcha soft serve. I would not hesitate to buy this without the burpple beyond deal, but it’s made even more worth it with burpple beyond 1-for-1! A must try here.

We tried the Hokkaido Milk (left) and Matcha flavours (right). Personally I find the Matcha soft serve a little to thick and earthy, although I'm sure true blue Matcha lovers would enjoy this.

I liked the Hokkaido Milk! It was light yet creamy, and refreshingly easy to eat.

Price: $5.90 per soft serve cup

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Wanted to try their black sesame soft serve but they ran out of it. So instead, I had the matcha soft serve!

Got the burpple beyond soft serve and drink set. Matcha soft serve was rich but quite bitter. We much preferred the black sesame soft serve. Perhaps mix the 2 together when eating for a better experience

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Must order the Matcha soft serve! One of the best green tea ice cream that I have eaten. It has the bitter taste, and full of green tea flavour.

Black sesame is also very nice too. It more towards the sweeter side as compared to the matcha.

You can also order a mixed to taste the hojicha (roasted green tea) if you don’t like too bitter

Chocolate Float with Matcha Soft Serve - $8
I have always love Matchaya’s matcha soft serve and it’s time to try out their float. The chocolate float is not too sweet, closer to adult chocolate taste. Quite strong in taste. So it’s recommend to indulge in their soft serve first before sipping the float. Caution their float melts kinda fast and ice could be still kinda coarse. If you are feeling adventurous, go ahead and request other flavours of soft serve, you may get a different experience all together

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🍦Super oishii~

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"Shiratama" means glutinous rice balls. I took some time to place my order (matcha parfait $8.90 + $1 for additional soft serve flavour) because there were so many choices on the menu. The matcha soft serve had a slight bitterness and it goes well with the additional sweet Hokkaido milk soft serve topping.


When the whole room could unanimously name the winner of Burrple hot 100 dessert list- you know the establishment has done things right. Tried the above that were benchmarks for good matcha in Singapore- my iced matcha milk was worth my 4.90 splurge for a liquified version of the bittersweet matcha soft serve.