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Matcha Soft Serve

$5.90 · 29 Reviews

Nice matcha soft serve in a cone.

$5.9. Good stuff if you love matcha :-)

6.90 for the perfect post lunch treat when it's a rough week ahead. Love the mixed hokkaido milk n matcha combo as I find the matcha too heavy for me in a full portion, instead the hokkaido milk gives it a nice balance of sweet n bitter. Hokkaido milk on its own is not bad too but its just better together with the matcha.

We ordered 2 parfaits (matcha and sesame) since it’s 1-for-1 on Burpple Beyond. All of us prefer the classic matcha flavour better. The parfaits came with toppings including chewy mochi and toasted rice puffs. The only complaint is that the store does not have many seats so you might have to stand around. Ratings - Taste: 4/5; Price: 4/5

For Matchaholics out there, it’s actually hard to believe if you haven’t heard of @matchayasg before. But as some of you may know, the outlet at Icon Village has recently ceased operations, with their last concept store standing strong at The Cathay.

👉Kurogoma Soft Serve👈
👉Uji Matcha Soft Serve👈
👉Purple Sweet Potato Milk Tea👈
👉Black Honey Popcorn Milk Tea👈

I think they can actually rebrand themselves as “Gomaya” too 🤣. Rich and smooth in texture, their Black Sesame Soft Serve is definitely a must-have here. And if you are as adventurous as me, you might want to try their Black Honey Popcorn Milk Tea too!

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Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This entire set is to die for! I’ve had it twice and I’m still so in love; each item is so flavourful and well thought out and all the little items go so well with the soft serve. I was blown away by the mochi and the incredibly flavourful azuki red beans that went so well with my matcha soft serve. I would not hesitate to buy this without the burpple beyond deal, but it’s made even more worth it with burpple beyond 1-for-1! A must try here.

We tried the Hokkaido Milk (left) and Matcha flavours (right). Personally I find the Matcha soft serve a little to thick and earthy, although I'm sure true blue Matcha lovers would enjoy this.

I liked the Hokkaido Milk! It was light yet creamy, and refreshingly easy to eat.

Price: $5.90 per soft serve cup

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Wanted to try their black sesame soft serve but they ran out of it. So instead, I had the matcha soft serve!

Got the burpple beyond soft serve and drink set. Matcha soft serve was rich but quite bitter. We much preferred the black sesame soft serve. Perhaps mix the 2 together when eating for a better experience

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Must order the Matcha soft serve! One of the best green tea ice cream that I have eaten. It has the bitter taste, and full of green tea flavour.

Black sesame is also very nice too. It more towards the sweeter side as compared to the matcha.

You can also order a mixed to taste the hojicha (roasted green tea) if you don’t like too bitter