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I have been here so many times that I can continuously redeem a free lonely waffle. With every 10 stamps ($5 per stamp) collected on their loyalty card, you get one free lonely waffle. This was one of the reasons that makes me come back so frequently. It not definitely not my first free waffle and of course not going to be my last.

Here I have honeycomb and roasted pistachio (premium) ice cream on a waffle. These two flavours are among my usual favourites for their distinct and creamy flavours. The waffle with lonely usually costs $7.50 which I got for free and topped up $2.50 + $0.80 (Premium Flavour) for another scoop.


Here’s Honeycomb and premium Pistachio atop a plain waffle.. came on a Sunday evening just before the long queue starts and glad to find a seat within 10 mins. 2 scoops at $6, additional $0.80 for premium flavour, $4 for waffles, the happiness from eating - priceless!


Ordered a double scoop of Oolong Lavender & Honeycomb ice cream from Lickers. We were cautioned by the staff that the former had a strong lavender flavour to it, but that didn’t deter me as a lavender fan 😊

And in all honesty, after a couple of mouthfuls, I couldn’t taste the flavour anymore 😂 my companion disagreed though.

Our favourite was definitely the Honeycomb out of the two! There were even bits of actual crispy honeycomb to compliment the light honey taste.

The ice cream wasn’t as creamy as I would’ve liked, but I’ll definitely be back to try their waffles 😊

Lickers offers an interesting variety of flavours. While some of them are decent, in general, I find that most of the ice cream lacks the richness of cream / dairy taste to it. It's flavour and texture is flatter and also melts faster.

Featuring Cookie Monster and Honeycomb.

Still, a good treat when it's warm.

Great place for ice cream and waffles. Only $10 for 2 scoops and waffles with interesting flavours like Yakult Oreos and Honeycomb. Plus they serve fries and beer too.

If regular-sized ice cream portions don't do it for you, Hougang cafe LICKERS may just satisfy with their super generous scoops of gelato; the friendly service is a bonus. The Gelato ($3.50, additional $0.80 for premium scoop) is smooth and intensely flavoured — no diluted flavours here! On top of that, the selection is huge, with some interesting flavours like Yakult Oreo, Salted Caramel Crackers and Oolong Lavender. The Honeycomb, a vanilla based gelato laced with honeycomb bits and maple syrup, is an up-and-coming favourite among the Burpple community.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Zi Heng Tay

Nestled quietly within the hdb blocks is this super cute & quaint ice-cream place! Finally got a chance to try it & I can't believe it took me so long! For starters, the visuals here are off the charts adorbsss! A lot of thought & effort put into this small cozy space. Especially love their big neon signboard outside.✨ Okay so apart from the eye-catching interior & great branding, they have a wide selection of ice creams. I got one of their best sellers, Honeycomb! 🐝... & Man, no wonder this was a popular flavor! A good balanced mixture of honey drizzle sauce mixed within the ice-cream; w bits & pieces of honeycomb bits for added texture & crunch! I made a mental note there & then that I must come back for this & of cuz to try all their other flavors! (Ps: I spotted Mao Shan Wang) Had a sample taste of their Rum & Raisin 🍷 & if only it wasn't that early in the afternoon, I would've went for it. #alcohogaogao My companion ordered their rich Dark Chocolate & it's definitely one to order for those serious chocolate loverssss 🍫🍫 #noregrets 🍦