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Beef Noodles

RM8.00 · 21 Reviews

After a shopping spree at Central Market, take a short stroll to this decades-old coffee shop for a hearty local feast. You'll find a variety of stalls serving hawker fare including chicken rice and wantan mee, but we highly recommend ordering the Lala Noodles (RM11). Each bowl is cooked to-order, so be prepared for a long wait. Once your bowl lands in front of you, dig in immediately! Expect bee hoon soaked in a flavourful Chinese wine-laced broth, and lots of fresh clams. Also have the Beef Noodles (RM10) that feature a generous portion of tender beef slices and a variety of innards. Pro tip: The dining area is small. Ask to share tables instead of waiting for an empty one to get seated faster!

Another standout dish at this coffee shop. Gotta love the generous portion size for the affordable price it’s tagged with. Great broth too – sweet, salty and beefy in all the right ways. Dig in fast as the noodles soak up the soup very quickly! It’s loaded with tender beef slices, beef balls and innards, which I was told you can ask to omit the latter.

This place is one of the few spots in KL where you can find honest good food!
Sat down and went straight for the famous beef noodles.
Didn’t expect the noodles to arrive so quickly! My (HUGE!!) bowl came loaded with beef slices and innards. Took one sip of the broth and was blown away by how sweet and flavourful it was! I can sip on it for days.
Come before 12pm on weekdays. We went at 11:30 and still managed to avoid the lunch crowd.

Mention this kopitiam to any KL-ite, and they’ll say you must have the La La Bee Hoon (RM10). Each portion sees delicate noodles in a fragrant broth of ginger, chilli and Chinese wine, crowned with a truckload of fresh clams. On rainy days, this dish truly hits the spot. If you’re here with a meat-loving friend, point them to the popular Beef Noodles (RM10), which Burppler Michelle T. declares one of the best in KL (alongside Shin Kee Beef Noodles that's also on this list!).
Photo by Burppler Shaowei Ho


Lai Foong Restaurant @Pasar Seni is famous for the food that they served. As each dishes is below RM10.
The Beef Noodles @LaiFoong is superb and awesome. Especially the soup was tasty and had an appetizing flavor derived from the pickled vegetable. Beside that, the Lala soup at Lai Foong is also worth too try.

I would said that this is one of the best beef noodles in KL. If you wanted to try others beef noodles at Pasar Seni do also visit the Shin Kee Beef Noodles which located opposite Lai Foong Restaurant.

Lai Foong Beef Noodle
138, Jalan Tun H.S.Lee, Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan, 50000
Operating hours: 630am - 930pm
Tel: 03-2072-8123

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Tucked inside this busy coffee shop near Petaling Street, you’ll find this famous beef noodle soup that has been here for ages. I love the fried garlic bits in the soup that gives it that extra texture and flavour along with all the beef parts, and the salted vegetables as well. Be sure to check it out when you can.


Aside from beef noodle thats famous in this kopitiam that in business since 1956, the superior clam soup with rice vermicelli is another hidden gem.

Rice vermicelli that soaked up all the great flavor from the soup that cooked with a generous amount of clam. It come with a hint of spines from the ginger and the fragrant from the Chinese wine.

If you're a fans of superior clam soup I would say give a try on this the next time you're in town. With the price tag of rm10 and the portion that you're getting is definitely value of money!


After having a bowl of beef noodles soup across the road at Shin Kee, I crossed the road to Lai Foong to try their beef noodles too, as this too was recommended to me by a friend.

Ordered a bowl of dry beef slices kuay teow (they ran out of egg noodles), which only comes in 1 size for 10.00 RM. It was good, but I preferred the Shin Kee one as it was more flavourful. Having said that, it's probably just a matter of preference really.

When I ordered just this 1 bowl, the uncle asked if that was all. Makes me think that usually people order other things to go along with it, e.g. intestines, beef balls, etc.

There's good reason why Lai Foong is loved by tourists and locals alike. The heritage coffeeshop retains its 60 years of history in the way they make coffee — with water boiling over a charcoal stove — and in its old-world tiles and wood-and-marble tables. To introduce a foreign friend to the city's soul, begin here. The Beef Noodles (RM10) are known best for the flavoursome beef broth, made even better with a generous peppering of greens. Don't miss the red hot chilli sauce on the side that delivers a final kick. We have nothing but praise for the Lala Noodles (RM10). Typically served with rice, the concentrated superior soup is mixed up with mee hoon here — a special treat for seafood lovers. Be glad that seats have opened up next door to accommodate more during the lunch hour rush!
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Junior How