Curry Rice – (#01-68) Hainanese Curry Rice

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Hainanese curry rice or curry png may not be the most photogenic of dishes but it’s certainly delicious and comforting. If you’re at Maxwell Food Centre, be sure to check out Hainanese Curry Rice (01-68). There’s usually a short but fast moving queue, so just join the queue.

You can’t see most of the items I ordered from this photo but here’s how it goes. My usual order would be fried pork chop, sunny side up, pork ball, bean sprouts, tau kwa. Occasionally, I’d have the boiled cabbage and braised pork belly. A plate would set you back about $4.50 to $5.

I love my curry rice to be drenched with curry gravy that’s mixed with a bit of lor (braised sauce). The curry gravy here isn’t very thick and starchy unlike most Hainanese curry rice stalls, but it isn’t watery either.

The pork chop is coated in a sweet, aromatic five spice powder batter before being deep fried till crispy. The meat its tender although it can be rather inconsistent at times.

I’d still recommend trying the curry rice here if you’re at Maxwell.

Curry Png from Hainanese Curry Rice
Location : 中国街咖喱饭 Hainanese Chicken Rice, 1 Kadayanallur Street.
Maxwell Food Centre #01-68, Singapore, 069184.
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Okay, was walking around enjoying my day around Singapore and just thought that I would have an early dinner at one of the most famous hawker centres in Singapore. And so I decided to try their curry rice! :)
(At that time they ran out of the egg though)

Hainanese curry rice with cabbage + pork chop ($3)
- Pork chop crispy and sweet
- Curry not spicy at all but was really fragrant
- Though I'm one that usually prefers my food to be spicy, this stall's curry rice was surprisingly good. The curry sauce coated every grain of pearly white rice giving a lovely aroma with every bite while the sweetness from the pork chop helped to balance out the savoury curry
- Think a runny yolk would have enhanced the dish even more though!
Price: 9/10
Taste: 8/10
Overall: 8.5/10

Tried the SUPER LONG QUEUE Hainanese Curry Rice (#01-68) but it felt pretty underwhelming lol. People bought 5-6 packets in one go (hence the wait) and the crunchy pork chop is a hot fave - it really is pretty good! But they are so stingy on the curry sauce!!!!!!!!! If your signature is curry rice then should give more sauce right. I only have that tiny pool and only the top 3/4 surface of the rice was covered pfft 😢😢😢

Luckily my Tian Tian Chicken Rice (#01-10/11) didn’t disappoint as usual!! #dqky #burpple


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