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Moo Moo Hamburg

$16.90 · 6 Reviews

Different from your thick and robust flavour, SAMA curry is much soupier and lighter in taste. You get to choose what spiciness level you would like to challenge and what kind of curry base you want. Both of my dishes I select level 30 spiciness and tomatoes and original base respectively. The spiciness will slowly creep to you after several mouthfuls, as for the curry base, I would still prefer our local curry but if I had to choose I would prefer the original base which had a hint of chicken broth while the tomato had a bitter and sour taste. •
I felt the main stars were not the curry base, but the sides. For example, the char siew gave a melt in the mouth sensation which surprised me! Its proportion of it fats to meat was well balanced making it a delight. The Moo Moo Hamburg was also the star of the dish; it packed with minced meat soaking up the curry broth, too bad the base wasn't flavourful enough or else i would definitely come back again for it!

Maybe it's just me who's not used to the light and soupy curry, as such I didn't manage to enjoy it, but I have to say it is better than some chain store curry outlets here in Singapore! .
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Delicious soup curry , beautiful presentation and great flavour especially when mixed with the rice !

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Located at OUE Downtown Gallery, SAMA Curry and Cafe is yet another spot for CBD folks to lunch at. Don’t expect your typical Japanese curry here — this joint offers a savoury and soupy spin on the usual sweet and thick style we’re familiar with. Start by picking from an assortment of meat options such as the Moo Moo Hamburg ($16.90) that comes with a hamburger patty, or the Hungry Bear ($18.90), which comes with a whole chicken leg atop a pork or hamburger patty. Each bowl comes customisable in three categories of spiciness (which is adorably named after their bear mascot), from Baby Bear (level 0-5), Adult Bear (level 6-15) to Crazy Bear (level 16-30). Don't be afraid to opt for the higher spice levels if you're a spice lover. Then, pick from four soup bases — tomato and coconut, which are thicker, or Japanese and shrimp. Each bowl of curry comes with a generous portion of assorted vegetables that, despite being cooked in curry, still remain fresh and crunchy!
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Mok XC

Hungry Bear ($18.90)

When one is as hungry as a 🐻, have a go at this bowl of curry chicken from newly opened @samacurrysg . I opted for the hungry bear option for that extra half slab of hamburger patty though it may be a wiser option to go for the pork instead as the hamburger steak was a rather thin patty. Fully customizable, I chose coconut curry for the base and a level 15 spice level which was rather mild by my standards. Go higher if you are a lover of spicy food!

The curry was quite rich and thick probably from the coconut but tastes quite different from local curries. The whole chicken leg 🍗was generous and the meat fell off the bone easily while retaining its tenderness. My bowl of curry was empty by the end of the meal so that says a lot about the gravy!


A new concept to locals here, Sama Curry is a customizable soup curry concept where you first get to select a base which I opted for the Hungry Bear ($18.90) that comes with a whole chicken leg, hamburger patty and a bunch of charred vegetables, then you will have to choose the spiciness level which I got a level 3 that's equivalent to a baby bear and finally the soup base which has 4 different types such as tomato, coconut, Japanese and shrimp. They even provide you with a guide on how to enjoy this soup curry with rice.

This was a tasting hosted by @samacurrysg

Sama Curry & Cafe
Address: 6A, Shenton Way, Downtown Gallery, Unit 03-26, Singapore 068809

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