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Chicken 'N' Watermelon 'N' Waffles

$45.00 · 46 Reviews

We came here for our Mother’s Day Lunch and it was an enjoyable experience. We were seated in the quieter corner of the restaurant that is dressed as a shed. It was kind of warm as the air conditioning wasn’t working there.

The service staff were very prompt, helpful and attentive.

The burgers were really delicious and juicy. They really did take the southern path down in all their dishes and it’s shows in their presentation as well. It is worth the price point that you are paying and you’ll leave the restaurant extremely full!

My recommendations are: The impossible burger and the fried chicken with braised watermelon.

was worried about their serving portions being massive so we just went for a signature fried chicken with waffles and spiced watermelons and a sweet corn hush puppies to share.
there were at least 6 big pieces of fried chicken. frankly speaking, nothing too wow about the chicken. skin was alright but the meat was dry. was expecting some juicy and tender poultry but expectations fell short.
the waffles were fluffy and substantial so its a plus for me. the spiced watermelon cubes were interesting, in a good way. sides definitely outshone the main. and the hush puppies did just that as well.
no idea what hush puppies were but we just decided to order them to try it out. deep fried mashed balls of potato with corn in them. sounds bloody sinful cos it is. but sinfully yummy though. the star of the night's show. flavourful and addictive.
$32 per pax.
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Crispy fried chicken served in a chicken “coop”, paired with waffles, drenched in bourbon laced maple syrup and spiced watermelon. An unusual combo, but the watermelon is very refreshing and a great palate cleanser. Love the outdoor bar ambience that extends out of Marina Bay.

We head over to @yardbirdsingapore to try their newly revamped menu.

Was glad to see they’ve retained some of their signature items like Chicken 'N' Watermelon 'N' Waffles ($40) and Chicken & Egg Biscuit Sandwich($22). And how can we forget the thick stack of Buttermilk Pancakes ($22), dripping in honey butter and house made bourbon maple sauce!

P.S: Social Hour Tuesday cos it’s never too early for a tipple. From 6pm to 9pm, enjoy 50% off on four of our signature cocktails - Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade, Southern Revival, Southern Peach & Watermelon Sling.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
Address: Galleria Level, B1-07 and L1-82, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956
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* Best taste of southern cuisine*

I ordered this because the staff said that it's a must order dish at Yardbird. The waffles when paired with their signature maple syrup was so crispy and complemented well with the fried chicken. A friend who frequent this place often said that their fried chicken is air fried. That explained why it was not as oily and yet the chicken wings and drumsticks were so well browned. The watermelon could be a little more spicy otherwise I could come back just for this again! It's good to make a reservation as this place is usually full house on a weekend.

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The one that almost every table ordered and of course we'd to jump on the band wagon! Fan of everything except for the watermelon (barely taste the spice) but guess it's a good refresher from all that fried and carbs!

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Fried Chicken portion was really huge and would be best to share among 2 pax. It was definitely moist, even the breast however it was lacking in taste on its own. The hot sauce was too runny and didn’t do much to elevate the taste. Honestly was a bit of a letdown ...

The waffle that came with it was nothing spectacular and the bourbon maple syrup tasted like regular syrup with little bourbon taste honestly.

BUT i must say the star of the dish was the watermelon. ⭐️ Serves as a palate cleanser between the savoury chicken and sweet waffles which definitely is so refreshing with the striking mint taste and had a mild heat at the end with the paprika used. This is what I call taking something so simple to the next level, brilliant! 👍👍

The Mac n Cheese was so jelak and bad. Skip this. Overall, it was a very full yet not satisfying meal but the watermelon deserves a shoutout!

Southern food known for their sweet tea and fried chicken originating from the US. Their chicken n watermelon n waffles are kind of what the name describes. Complicating flavors all in one plate. Fried chicken consists of various parts are well seasoned with spices, crispy and juicy but not so for their breast meat which is a tad too dry. Waffles are dense and fluffy while the watermelon cubes are marinated with herbs & spices. A dish that’s good for sharing between 3 pax or otherwise it could be too gelard to wipe out all.

The chicken was seasoned very thoroughly and tasted so juicy and tender, paired with waffles and spiced watermelon. If I was on death-row, this would be my last meal of choice!
$40++ but @marinabaysands members get a discount, I got 20% off my bill and if you spend $75++ and above for lunch you can validate your parking!
I was keen to try their funfetti pancakes and their tree of donuts but after I saw this, I decided to cancel the order. There’s no way I could’ve finished it all!

Really good fried chicken, well seasoned and extremely crispy. the mash potatoes and buttermilk biscuits are amazing as well.