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Salmon & Rosti

$23.00 · 21 Reviews

Keep this quaint modern space in mind for a post-shopping meal just a short walk away from City Square. Previously known as Hustle Co., they have since expanded their drink selection to more than just craft beers — think coffee, tea and even gin & tonic options! Food-wise, get the Shakshuka ($14) for a luscious stew of soft bell peppers, tomatoes, beans, feta cheese and onsen eggs served with toasted sourdough. Alternatively, go for the Salmon Rosti ($22) that sees a salmon fillet served with dill creme fraiche and salmon roe. Psst. Be sure to check out their selection of yummy bakes from In The Brickyard!
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

Feeling peckish? The 11 Hamilton also serves bakes from In The Brickyard. Not to miss out on the cakes, we had the Black Velvet Speculoos ($7.50) which was pleasantly intense. Just think dense and moist chocolate cake complemented by sweet, textured layer of speculaoos crunch between savoury cream cheese frosting!


Salmon skin was really crispy, meat was tender, rosti was crisp and not too oily. Love the generous amount of sour cream and roe. Added on wilted spinach for some fibre. Comforting dish for #happyhumpday .
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Salmon Rosti ($22.00) 160g Salmon fillet, drill creme fraiche and salmon roe.
Location: @hustlecosg 52 Craig Road, Singapore 089690
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Poached chicken breast: Meat is unexpectedly juicy and tender; the cream sauce is not too creamy which I really like it..
Confit duck leg: The well-cooked duck leg lying on a soft bed of mashed potato; brown sauce is quite flavorful; a feel of Asian and western fusion; fried oyster mushroom is not oily; roasted beetroot is quite juicy..
Salmon rosti: Their signature dish; the salmon lying on a layer of rosti; salmon is cooked to medium-well and the skin is quite crispy; rosti is soft and fluffy inside with mild crispness on the outside; salmon roe is quite fresh without fishy taste..
Grilled pork chop: The most succulent pork chop I've tasted so far and it absorbed most of the flavour inside such that there's no "pork stench" taste; it's well-cooked and easy to chew; the bed of pumpkin puree is so smooth..
Dragonfruit beer: Super looking forward to try; doesn't really have the dragonfruit taste though; love the smoothness of the beer and there's some mild sweetness at the after taste..
Overall a quality over quantity meal.. Not too filling though; wish the portion would be slightly bigger..
*PS: Thank you for the treat my dear friend.. #hustlecosg #poachedchickenbreast #confitduckleg #salmonrosti #grilledporkchop #dragonfruitbeer #burpple #dinner #withbestfriends #freemeal #caloriesoverload #friendsofover10years #noisterandjas #jaslynfoodinstagram

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Apart from the craft beers that you get to consume at @hustlecosg, why not wake up earlier & try out their brunch menu!
I tried their Salmon Rosti ($22), which comes with (my fav) a rosti base, salmon fillet, dill creme fraiche & salmon roe!
I love how dill works with all types of fishes, and infusing that into the creme fraiche was a pretty smart move. It allows the herb to cut through the cream without being too overpowering, making it a great complement for both the salmon & rosti.

No words. Best #salmon and #rosti I had in a while. And I don't even really like rosti! 😬 I think it was the generous dollop of #sourcream and the sprinkling of #roe combined with the amazing crisp of the potato exterior and the #tender, #perfect pink #fish. 👏 Definitely a 'would go back to eat this' dish!

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The salmon skin was nicely prepared with the crisp! Both rosti and salmon had strong savoury flavour. I find the sour cream works well with the savoury. Adding a slight appetising note helps to set them apart from the usual taste. Recommended for foodies who prefer strong flavours. .
Salmon rosti at S$22
Where to dine?
52 Craig Rd, Singapore 089690 Craig Rd, Singapore 089690


Payday! I spoilt myself with a $23 lunch at @hustlecosg. I thought that it might be absolute rubbish, cause you know, new cafe 🙄 but boy was I wrong! The portions were generous, the ingredients fresh, and the coffee, satisfying. The salmon had a crisp skin that neatly fell away when I slid the fork into the tender flakes of salmon. The gently salted, pan-fried sides hid a butter-soft centre that seemed to sigh with pleasure as I cut into it (or was that me? Bahaha). Carrying the dish was the pancake of rosti that, like every good carb, warmed me right up. Completing and lifting the dish was the dollop of dill crème fraîche and spoonful of salmon roe. The salmon roe, though a little small, were buoyant balls of flavour *sniggers* that were burst with every bite and gave the rosti a fun fusion twist. Will be back to try others!


Featuring some of the signature items from their Brunch Menu that are available from 9am to 4pm daily.
▪️Salmon Rosti ($22.00)
▪️The Hustler Burger ($18.00)
▪️Fresh Toast ($17.00)
All Day Menu from 9am to 9pm includes 2 of my fav are
▪️Tuna Tartare ($16.00)
▪️Roasted Brussels Sprout ($14.00)
Location: @hustlecosg 52 Craig Road, Singapore 089690
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