Roasted Soybean Amazake

$5.00 · 2 Reviews

A healthy drink thats all natural, no sugar, no additives. It is also a drink during summer to prevent heat stroke. .
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Where to dine?
Amamoto Cafe
1 Raffles Place, #B1-39 048616,

From Amamoto Cafe, a new kiosk at One Raffles Place dedicated in serving up Japanese Fermented rice drinks (aka Amazake). There are quite a few variations to choose from, ranging from the standard drink itself to some topped with fruit juices. They also carry a small range of takeaway salads; one includes a slab of chicken that is cooked using the same Amazake.

For those wondering if it tastes anywhere near the Korean Shik-Hye, it's pretty different considering the Amazake here is mixed with Soybean Milk — the result is actually quite a gloopy and thick concoction close to a smooth milkshake. Flavour wise, it's a little more on the sour side; I would say the flavours are actually pretty subjective — those who like it might actually love it but I do feel that it can be a little hard to understand for other folks for it carries a flavour similar to cultured drinks alongside the slightly rice-y flavour. Opting for the Roasted Soybean flavour, the Kinako helps to mask off some of that flavour so it instead carries a much more acceptable, roasty nuttiness. That being said, the Kinako doesn't really incorporate into the entire mix very well, so do expect the occasional bits of powder sticking on the throat in between sips.