Hokkien Mee

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They said this institution makes the best KL Hokkien mee. It was awful. Most I've eaten in Singapore were better. The noodles were sickening and could only be eaten with the lard or the chilli. What's different were the baby sotong added.

Not to be confused with Singapore and Penang's version, KL's Hokkien mee is all about the fat noodles doused in thick and savoury dark sauce, charcoal-fried with enough heat to get that distinct wok-hei flavour and garnished with crispy pork lard. Coined as the birthplace of Hokkien mee in KL, Kim Lian Kee has been dishing up plates of this mouth-watering dish for close to a decade. Spot them along bustling Petaling Street painted in bright red. Kim Lian Kee offers a variety of "tai chow" dishes (Cantonese-style dishes to share), but the crowd-favourite is undoubtedly the Hokkien Mee (from RM10). If that's not enough, also order the Yang Zhou Fried Rice (Chinese-style fried rice, from RM10) or the Claypot Loh Shu Fan (Stir-fried silver needle noodles, from RM11). Pro tip: Devour your noodles with a dollop of the spicy sambal.

Thick noodles doused in gravy, completed with crispy pork lard.
Kim Lian Kee is famous for this very plate. Happy that they upgraded their stall in petaling street. You can now enjoy their hokkien noodles in an air conditioned area!

KL is home to many delicious Hokkien mee shops, but this institution in Petaling Street (they have been operating since 1927!) is a must-add to your foodie itinerary. They’re open till 4.30am, so bookmark this spot for supper after drinks. All you need is the wok hei-heavy Hokkien Mee (from RM10), which Burppler Kaelyn Pu describes as, "... the best traditional charcoal fried Hokkien mee, drenched in thick and black gravy and topped with crispy fried pork lard." Enough said. Don't forget to have it with a dollop of the spicy sambal!
Photo by Burppler Kaelyn Pu


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This will definitely tip the scale for one of the most unhealthy foods around but who cares about calories when you are on a holiday. Every mouthful, you’ll either get the artery clogging fried pork lard, seafood, meat or noodles. Every bite is a surprise as everything is coated with the dark sauce that you wouldn’t know what you will get eventually. This is one dish that you will need to add into your itinerary when you visit Kuala Lumpur.
Kim Lian Kee Hokkien Mee
Address: 320 & 324, Jalan Hang Lekir, Kuala Lumpur 50000

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It's not the first time we've hailed Kim Lian Kee's name for local late night eats. Forgive our many reiterations, and head down here after dark to try the satiating supper yourself! Their famously luscious Hokkien Mee (from RM10) is a favourite, flourished with the smoky wok hei flavour that comes from frying over charcoal fire. Thank the lard for the dish's trademark shine, which renders the thick noodles smoother than most, as well as the crispy lard tossed into the mix that gives the dish an extra crunch. Also contributing to the allure of dining at Kim Lian Kee come nightfall, is getting to see the otherwise bustling Chinatown at its quietest hour.
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Alyssia Yu

Celebrated for their Hokkien Mee (from RM14), Petaling Street's Kim Lian Kee operates a newer air-conditioned establishment in the day but also their original streetside stall in the night. To best experience their decades-old recipe for wok-fried thick noodles, hit up the hawker stall for a greasy late night bite — perhaps after a tipple around town! The thick dark noodles are a dream beyond doubt, fragrant of charcoal fire and glistening with (lots of) luscious pork lard. Put simply by Burppler yomisz eats, "This. Is. Heaven." Order also a glass of Herbal Tea (RM1.30) to wash down the sinful supper.
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Dixon Chan

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This is real good, the best traditional charcoal fried hokkien mee, drenched in thick and black gravy and topped with crispy fried pork lard (RM13.90)

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