Beef Cheek Rendang

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We are meeting a friend visiting and we decided we shall not do Dim Sum anymore. We want to eat something yummier! 😂. We decided to @FolkloreSG instead! So satisfying and yummy! Beef Cheek Rendang, Peranakan Chap Chye, Sayur Lodeh, Bakwan Kepiting, Ngoh Hiang, Babi Assam, Ikan Assam Surani. We love everything very much, maybe except the slightly dry Ngoh Hiang. The Beef Cheeks, Bakwan Kepiting and Ikan Assam is super super!! We loved our lunch, hope our friend @boo_licious enjoyed it too!

Flavorful tender beef cheeks braised in an aromatic and rich gravy made with 15 different herbs and spices. Definitely would have preferred the beef cheeks to be in smaller pieces instead of one whole chunk. I like the gravy but it is not enough to go round for the portion of meat served

The National Day Special is changed every week and during our visit, we had the Braised Pork Trotters with Mooi Chay. Other National Day Special includes Nasi Minyak with Lamb Rendang and Sayur Lodeh (6-10 August), Dry Goat Curry with Briyani and Dhalcha (13-17 August), Nasi Ulam (20-24 August) and Eurasian Birthday Noodles (27-31 Aug).
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Destination Singapore Beach Road
(Beside Golden Mile Complex)
700 Beach Road
Level 2
Singapore 199598
Tel: +65 66792900
Nearest MRT: Nicoll Highway (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 230pm, 6pm - 930pm

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While the gravy was certainly aromatic and hit all the right spicy notes, the beef cheeks were far from melt-in-your-mouth tender and would probably have benefited from a longer braising time.

Taste: 3/5


Cooked till the meat almost falls off the bone, like rendang, this dish packs a punch and doesn’t hold back at all. Not for those who can’t tolerate heat. I found it yummy! Perfect with the four angle bean salad and masak lemak

This is another dish which sells out quickly as well. Thanks @veronicaphua for pre-booking the rendang.
The beef cheeks were braised in a rich gravy made with 15 different herbs and spices. Very tender but I thought the gravy was a bit mild. Perhaps I am more used to strong tasting spicy rendangs.
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One bite and I can see why as it's made from beef cheeks. This is a popular dish and thankfully Veronica had the good sense to pre-order some before hand as it was sold out by the time we arrived. My verdict, whilst I can't fault the dish as it was executed perfectly, I found that it lacked the oomph I was looking for, it was a tad too mild for me and I would have preferred my rendang with a bit more punch (more rempah). Judging from its popularity, perhaps I am an outlier.

Freaking amazing flavours bombs happening right here. Thick Gravy, containing up to 15 types of fragrant herbs and spices that braised those beef cheeks (x-section above) till they're a delightful moist tender chunk. Great for sharing although I did shamelessly help myself to seconds then thirds.
Must order if you're here.



The beef is so tender that it melts. The rendang paste is amazinggggg