Pork Ball Noodles

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Some delicious Chinese pastry from this breakfast place that famous for their pork ball noodle.

Egg tart came in flaky crust and smooth custard center. Smaller than regular egg tart which you can get nice amount of crust to custard ratio.

Siewbao was surprisingly good when had it warm, crunchy skin and flavourful barbeque pork in the center.


The meat balls are unlike the ones in Sg. The pork is not as concentrated in the meatball. Squarish and a sponge-like crunch to it. Served with thin kway teow with a soy minced meat sauce. Quite disappointed with the lack of flavours. Tasted bland.

Restoran Win Heng Seng is located at the corner of a row of old shop lots in front of Jalan Imbi. 三间庄猪肉粉 (RM10 with pork ball and sausages)is one of the famous food stall among this hawker restaurant. Other than that, they have fish ball noodles, char kuey teow, Chee cheong fun with yong tau fu and many other soup noodles.

Lunch with the colleagues is a no-brainer at Win Heng Seng. The corner lot coffeeshop right smack in the middle of Imbi has it all, from Nasi Lemak Sotong (from RM4.50) to Char Kuey Teow (RM6) and mini Egg Tarts (RM0.90 each). First off, add your order to the waiting list for Pork Ball Noodles (from RM9). The dry noodle dish is possibly one of KL's best, thanks to its irresistible blood sausage topping and a side of peppery pork broth. Pro tip: Get it with the easy-to-slurp lou shi fun. Don't leave without hitting up the queue for Tai Zi Ta's mini egg tarts. The small puffs encasing silky smooth egg custard make addictive tea snacks, which means only one thing: you should order big!
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burppler Daniel Food Diary

Locals pointed me here for good KL Hokkien Mee. It's more expensive than other versions (usually about MYR $6), but there are more ingredients (prawns, pork), and it's fresh!

The thick Fujian noodles have a slight smoky aroma, but the kicker is the tasty pork lard!

Ordered a 'mouse noodles' lou syu fan instead because I haven't had it for a long time in Singapore. Few stalls are selling it now. (I remember ordering it only when I was sick lol)

Loved the peppery intestine soup at the side. Wanted to go try chicken wings but they open at 5pm only!

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ok maybe extra sausage is a bit much. there's only so much pork I can consume in one sitting...