Beef Noodles

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A weekend back in my home city is never complete without a visit to O&S. This coffee shop has to be the best one (to my knowledge) in the Klang Valley. Honestly, there isn't a bad food stall in this place. Everything is awesome (cue the Lego song) - except the coffee. Don't drink the coffee.

The beef noodles from the Albert Thum Beef Noodle stall is my favourite. What makes it particularly delicious is the broth. There's an herbal quality that compliments the beefiness so well. So, naturally the beef noodle soup (I have it with horfun noodles) is my go to. Having said that, they also have a dry noodle available that I opted for this round. The noodles are tossed in various soy sauces and topped with minced beef. It is served with a bowl of Chinese radish and various cuts of beef in that same beefy broth.


Tip: Be sure to go early (especially on weekends) to avoid the masses. But if you find yourself there when it's super busy, you might want to stand uncomfortably close to a table that looks like it is finishing soon and creepily watch them eat so that they vacate the table more quickly. Hehe.