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Donya Maki

$5.80 · 8 Reviews

Salmon Mentai Don was pretty good, but I find the sauce was quite salty. Bf ordered Unagi Tama Don ($8.80) and he loves it, unagi was cooked perfectly. Tbh I also preferred the Unagi Tama Don more.

We also got the Donya Maki ($5.80) to share. It was a pretty good dinner 👍🏻

Found this stall at a coffee shop in toa payoh. This costs $8.80 only- a big fat slice of fried salmon with loads of mentai. Taste decent but extremely affordable prices. Other things to try: their donya maki and salmon maki. The latter costs $5.90.


Donya is definitely a good place to check out for cheap and yummy Japanese dons, especially if you are around the neighbourhood. I’ve tried the Chicken Katsu Don ($5.80) as well as the Salmon Mentai Don ($8.80) but I’m always swaying back to the classic donburi! Comes with a complimentary bowl of miso soup if you dine in! 😉


i must say i found the rice texture didn’t work well for me bc it was slightly too dry yet clumpy 😅 and the mentai mayo was also more mayo than mentai in flavour! this made it slightly overpowering and jelat esp w the donburi sauce! however, they did make up for it in portion!! it was pretty generous and at its price point ($6.80) it’s real decent!!

the maki was slightly overpriced ($5.80) for its tiny size but the texture of the ebiko contrasts w the creamy mentai mayo, which encompasses the rice and core filling which made a pretty yummy mouthful :~)

been here before and i think i prefer the unagi tama and donya maki!! nonetheless i think it still does the job or satisfying jap cravings and it’s a notch above other jap stalls at its price point!!


We had the chicken katsu don ($5.80), salmon mentai don ($8.80) and the signature donya maki ($5.80) for sharing among 2 pax. Overall, the Japanese dons and maki were average and did not "wow" me. But, I would still want to applaud the young Hawkers for bringing affordable jap food to the heartlands. Maybe they can consider adding sous vide or ramen egg to the don set for added flavour. 👍 #BurppleMajulahMakan

Side note: for affordable jap food, do also try Don @ 30 foch road.


The special Donya Maki is drenched in a Tama-Miso sauce, which is made slightly sweeter by the trio.

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Donya Japanese Cuisine may be set in a Toa Payoh coffeeshop (it's a stroll away from Creamier, so save space for waffles and ice-cream!) but according to Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua, the food here is "near restaurant quality". Expect some interesting rice bowls and maki rice rolls. The signature Donya Maki ($5.80) is a California roll inspired creation topped with salmon, drizzled with egg miso sauce and then flame-torched for smokiness. For something more substantial, try their rice bowls, priced very affordably between $5.80 and $8.80. This includes the tasty Salmon Mentai Don ($8.80), which comes with a substantial portion of the fish, topped generously with mentaiko. Classic and yummy!
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Pamela Ng

From Donya Japanese Cuisine situated within a coffeeshop at Blk 126 Toa Payoh Lorong 1; the block just beside the market that houses Chey Sua Carrot Cake and just a short walk away from Creamier (yes, I am just saying it's like an all-in-one package whenever I am here). Serving up affordable Japanese fare and "near-restaurant" quality, expect rice bowls typical of what is usually served in Japanese stalls at coffeeshops and a few Maki dishes.

Being their signature Maki, the Donya Maki is essentially a California Roll topped with salmon instead of Ebiko, drizzled in their signature house-made sauce which is essentially a Tama Miso sauce and then flame-torched. The Tama Miso sauce is almost like a creamier, mellow version of a hybrid of Mayonnaise and Salted Egg sauce; very subtly savoury from the Miso though generally creamy overall. The flame-torched salmon carries that Aburi feel very nicely; rather smoky while the Maki comes packed decently tight with crab stick and cucumber to give the crunch. Coming in four pieces for $5.80, it's actual pretty good an option for those who are living in the area.