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Salmon Mentai Don

$8.80 Β· 16 Reviews

Went for my usual fix of salmon mentai don! Love how crispy the salmon skin is, and how the saltiness of the mentai compliments the the sauce poured over the rice! The sauce can get a little salty, but you can always request for less sauce. I also like how they torched the mentai to give it a smoky flavour. Don comes with a free miso soup, great to finish the don with!

Very affordable!

Located at a coffee shop, the ingredients provided are fresh and quite generous. Felt that the rolls had slightly too much rice with little ingredients but the generous mentaiko sauce partially made up for it!

Big portion, generous with the mentai sauce, but not much of a wow factor.


Super affordable Japanese rice bowls. I’m a huge lover of mentaiko so at $8.80 this is a steal. Decent piece of salmon and topped with a generous portion of mentaiko mayo.

The salmon I had was a little overcooked as it was a tad bit dry, but the mentaiko mayo made it palatable and I wish the rice was those pearly Japanese grains which is usually served in restaurants.

At this price tag, I’m not complaining. It tastes good, portion is decent, definitely better quality than most Japanese cuisines you find in other coffee shops or food courts.

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Japanese rice bowls are all the rage now and Donya’s here to tickle your fancy. The salmon was grilled to tender perfection and carpeted with a layer of torched mentaiko sauce. The pollock roe (a tinge of salt, fishiness and the ocean) stands out starkly from the mayo, just enough but not overpowering. If I had any gripe at all, it’s merely that the miso soup and the teriyaki sauce coating the rice are a tad salty.

πŸ… 8/10
πŸ’­ Definitely a donburi staple

Besides their branch at toa payoh, they have also recently opened another store at QS269 Coffeeshop which is conveniently located across the street from bugis plus.
We ordered the Unagi Tama Don ($8.80), Salmon Mentai Don ($8.80) and Chicken Mentai Katsu Don($6.80). Swipe ⬅️ for the full menu!

Portions were rather decent for their price. While they were generous with the mentaiko, i found the mentaiko to have a rather strong mayo taste and lacking the distinct mentaiko flavour i seeked πŸ€” Also, found the rice to be a little mushy for my likingπŸ˜… (im picky)

But if you have never checked out this store, PLEASE ORDER THEIR UNAGI TAMA DON!! That unagi is DABOMB, really πŸ‘πŸ» #burpple #burpplesg #japanesecuisine #mentaiko #unagi #unagidon #whati8today #whati8todaysg #sgeats #sgeatout #sgfoodie #sgfoodblogger #sgfoodies #sgfoodlover #sgfood #sgfoodtrending #sgfoodhunt #sgfoodhunter #sgfoodtrend #myfooddiary #sgfooddiary #sgfooddiaries #sgcafe #sgcafefood #sgcafehopping #sgmakandiary #foodforfoodie #foodforfoodies #foodexplorer #foodinsing

Salmon Mentai Don ($8.80) - The Japanese rice was drizzled with teriyaki sauce, and a huge slice of salmon sat on top of the rice with a crown of mentaiko.


Absolutely worth it at only $8.80! Portion and taste all on point. Only open during lunch time and dinner time. Be sure to check before heading down to avoid disappointment!

Went to Braddle to check out what the hype was all about and enjoyed it ☺ Ordered Chicken Katsudon, Tori Karaage Curry Don, and their famous Mentai Maki. We'll definitely come back to try their Salmon Mentai Don! #burpple #donyajapanese