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Superstar Bowl

$8.90 · 5 Reviews

(excuse the emojis) i’ve been dying to try acai bowls forever and finally had the chance to visit parallel acai with a friend the other day!!! i got the regular superstar bowl ($8.90) and i absolutely loved it. imo it’s pretty perfect for a hot day because it’s deliciously icy! serving portion is a little small but i loved the toppings on this bowl. there are two other flavours to try with varying toppings but i didn’t regret getting this one. i especially liked the granola because it added a lot of texture and was really fragrant. it gave it a very distinct, nutty flavour and contrasted nicely with the smoothness of the acai base. the banana taste is strong though so do take note if you dislike bananas!

tbvh i’m sold and i would def go back to grab another bowl again. however it can be a little challenging to find the place if you haven’t visited before because it’s tucked away in a corner and is easy to miss! there aren’t many seats available too so it’s great for a grab ‘n go if you feel like treating yourself with something cold & healthy (although not particularly filling). craving for more!!

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One of the most original tasting acai! $8.90 for regular size and $12.90 for large! The bowls are all naturally sweeten with no added sugars. If you are craving something sweet, ask for honey to be added to your bowl.

For me personally, I think the toppings are too basic and limited. I’ll come back for their guilt free icy acai though!


I was recommended the Amino Bowl with a blended açaí base served with strawberries, blueberries, goji, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and chia.

There are no added sugars, syrups or sweeteners, and if you wish, you can request for a free topping of Australian organic raw honey.



The good folks from Ho-jiak have opened a takeaway stand in the basement of One Raffles Place. Pick up a cup of Coffee (from $4.50) from Common Man Coffee Roasters, whom they share a space with, while you dig into a bowl of Acai (from $8.90) to start off your day. Acai berries, a superfood, is said to be high in antioxidants, and believed to help with weight loss and detoxification. They claim that their acai has neither any preservatives nor added sugars. There are two sizes, Regular ($8.90) and Large ($12.90) and three variations to choose from. Each comes with a blended acai base topped with a variety of fresh fruits and seeds. There's even an option to add on a dollop of Nut Butter ($1) like almond, cashew or pistachio. First time having acai? Go for the Superstar Bowl, a chilled acai base topped with banana slices, blueberries, granola and a spoonful of sunflower and chia seeds.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua


From Parallel which opens today at One Raffles Place serving up coffee and acai bowls.

The Superstar Bowl consists of banana, blueberries, granola, sunflower seeds and chia seeds. The entire bowl did not feel overly sweet here, possibly due to the lack of nut butter by default (though patrons are able to add nut butter at $1 extra from their small variety of nut butter available). The blended acai smoothie was smooth without any icy bits and carried a mellow flavour at the end, while the other elements added a contrast of flavour and textures to the entire bowl. Pretty decent for the health-conscious CBD crowd.