Assam Laksa

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Really interesting concept of Korean and Penang food fusion. We tried their penang char kway teow (this is the upsized version) and it was full of wok hei and flavour despite missing the dark sauce! We also tried the Assam laksa which had a tangy and flavourful broth, really delicious! Highly recommend trying both these dishes and since it’s on Burpple Beyond you can get both for the price of one which is an absolute steal!! We also tried the chendol bingsu which is traditional flavours with a modern fusion twist and this was pretty delicious too πŸ˜› #burpplesg #burpple #burpplebeyond

Big bowl for $8. Very flavourful, flavours are sharp but harmonious. Very worth it with Burpple Beyond!


For a taste of Penang with a sweet ending, this family restaurant will be up your alley. Get the Penang Char Kway Teow ($6) jazzed up with salted egg yolk and crab meat, as well as a noteworthy Assam Laksa ($6). For dessert, try the Penang-meets-Korean Chendol Bingsu ($11.90).
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I didn't write about this the first time I had it because it was too salty. This time around, it was much better. It was tangy and full of fish and hae koh (shrimp paste) flavour. However the balance was still not quite there. It lacked a little something. Having said that, it is one of the better ones I've had in Singapore.
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Whilst @penangbagus' version is noteworthy, it's still missing something. I can't pinpoint what it is. I would still say that their version is probably one of the best you can find in Singapore.

Order both! πŸ˜† Love the tangy broth and flavourful kway teow 🀀 Comes at $6 each and you can upsize the portion for an additional $2! I do like the normal portion, because... room for desserts!! Another must order is the coconut coffee. Default comes with one shot and the coconut taste is stronger, order an additional shot if you want more coffee taste! So must better than a restaurant at Suntec that I'm not naming 😏

You gotta try this. So gooooodπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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What makes the Assam Laksa at Penang Bagus special is that their noodles are brought in from Penang. Unlike most stalls in Singapore that use the easily-available thick beehoon, this imported variety is less "perfect" in appearance but is capable of absorbing the gravy better. Which makes every mouthful much more flavourful.
Speaking of the "assam" gravy, the one here is not mouth-puckeringly sour (well, not on the day I was there anyway). So that's good news for some and not-so-good for others depending on your personal preference (I was happy enough with it myself). Also, once the fine pieces of fall-apart sardine are stirred in, the gravy thickens into a full-bodied consistency which is lovely. I was pleased that they're really generous with the garnish of pineapple, cucumber, lettuce and onions too.

We tried and enjoyed their soup-based noodles more than the BKT.
Their Penang Hokkien Mee was flavourful as indicated by the colour of its broth, although I would have enjoyed it more if it was spicier. Of note was their Assam laksa that was as tasty, and we loved that it used Mee Tai Mak from Penang itself.
However, there wasn't much to shout about in their herbal BKT which fell flat of that punchy herbal taste we had expected.
This place also offered Korean Bingsu, an interesting combination with Penang food one might think. But it could be explained from their origin, as we would elaborate in due soon.