Wagyu Roast Beef Donburi

$10.00 · 19 Reviews

The one problem with this meal is that it’ll eventually end. The large portion size is very reasonable for the price they give and even if it turns out small, it is still very filling. The beef slices and are well cooked and lightly peppered and doused with their own white sauce (I think it tastes a bit like mayo-ish?). The rice buried under all this is also enriched with a sweet savoury sauce to complement the beef. Come here if you are looking for a good don that is worth your money!

Beyond offers a deal for 2 dons at $20!

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The portion was much smaller than that during their Amoy Street days (rental pressure?), nevertheless the wagyu was as nice as before! I'll keep coming back for their yoghurt-based sauce. It is conveniently located near Don Don Donki too! Another drawback is their small capacity, but there wasn't any queue when I visited recently either.
In frame: Regular Roast Beef Donburi [$10, excl. service charge]

Value for money lunch from a food centre serving Wagyu roast beef, Japanese short grain rice topped with an onsen egg. Can you believe this was only $10 & found in the CBD area? I didn’t like the yogurt sauce at all. (just me not liking yogurt in food or drinks!) Read a couple of reviews on @burpple of people complaining that the meat is too red/raw? err, were you guys expecting well done roast beef? That will definitely be too tough right? .
📍 : @gyunamisg 7 Maxwell Road #02-126
💵 : $10
👄 : Will I return? Maybe. Won’t queue for it
🌟 : Tips - only one item on their menu

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Sous vide egg that was runny. Alittle splash of homemade yogurt sauce.
Thinly sliced tender beef embraced the rice. The umaminess of the yolk and the slightly sourishness of the yogurt was a wonderful combi. Flavors are simple but tasty enough. Not "wow" but a reasonable place to satisfy your wagyu beef craving without burning a hole in the pocket.

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My workplace is near Amoy market, and this stall had caught my eye many times. Finally tried it and love it.
This is how I ate it - first break the onsen egg, then mix it with the sweet onion sauce and yoghurt sauce that contains sesame and Japanese mayo, before coating the lean tender beef with the custardy egg. Dug thru to the middle, I uncovered short grained Japanese rice covered with siracha sauce. The rice was plump, mildly spicy, and quite satisfying.
I must say that I would prefer my beef to be fat and marbled, but I still like the sweet and well-marinated beef here. And together with the combination of sauces, this works well for me.

Wagyu Roast Beef Donburi ($10)
For value for money quick fix for lunch in the CBD area, @Gyunamisg certainly hits the spot. Each bowl is delicately prepared upon order with the sliced roast beef neatly layered onto the rice before before being drizzled in the shop’s signature yogurt mayonnaise sauce and topped with a runny yolk. With the quantity of the beef and considering how perfectly cooked the beef was, a return trip would be coming soon!

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Great quality meat and an interesting yogurt-based sauce to go along with it. Do head over early to avoid the long waiting time!

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First of all, there was a super long queue and I waited for around 30 minutes. However, I still decided to try it out. It was worth a try but I do not think that I would eat it often. There were big slices of Wagyu beef slices and the runny egg with their sauce matches well with the rice. However, the portion was insufficient for the amount of rice. If you're someone with a small stomach like me, it'll be just nice. Overall, I would rate it 6/10.

$10 per bowl