Wagyu Roast Beef Donburi

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Wagyu Roast Beef Donburi ($25 nett for 2 bowls)

Amazing and affordable beef bowl that is delicious as usual.

Wagyu Beef Donburi ($15)
Mentaiko Tamgo ($5)
⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
🍴Missed my chance to visit when it used to be at Amoy and then always found it too crowded so I’m glad the hype has faded. The thin roasted beef slices are tender and nicely seasoned, with an accompanying mix of sauce, yogurt, and onsen egg that made it not dry. However, felt that it could do with less soya sauce & more yogurt for better balance as it was a tad on the saltier side. Have heard that the portions have shrunk as the price has gone up but with #burpplebeyond, it’s $12.50 nett with miso soup which is reasonable for the ~6-8 beef slices and town standards. Sides are an added $5 and while pretty pricey, we really enjoyed the #tamago that was soft, almost soufflé-like, and with a nice Unami touch from the mentaiko. Best part of our meal was the really friendly auntie (owner’s mum) who helps out on occasional weekdays when they are short of staff.
📍@gyunamisg, B2-06, Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road, Singapore

the proportion of beef and rice was like 1:2. it came with a miso soup but the miso soup was lacking in flavour and didn’t have any seaweed or tofu!!

beef on its own was good!!! and what’s a donburi without an egg. it looks good aesthetically but as a whole i’ll rate this 50/50.

plus we didn’t know it came with a drink. we only found out when it was on the receipt!!!!

service is not so good ;(

The beef was nicely cooked and seasoned, albeit a bit thinner than I remembered from when I had it at Amoy. Nonetheless it was a hearty and filling dish that made dinner very enjoyable!

$12.50 due to 1-for-1 (courtesy of my friend) and it's the best beef bowl I ever had. Wagyu beef topped with light black pepper seasoning and just the right amount of saltines, as well as an egg yolk and the white roasted sesame sauce really made the perfect combination, especially for a first meal out after a long covid break.

Portion is a tad smaller than usual and i won't pay the full price for it but it's really good and if there were another 1-for-1 or discounted price I will definitely be back again.

(Ambience was pretty comfortable and cozy, employee and boss(?) were also really friendly and helpful!!)

Came back to patronise because I had such an enjoyable time savouring the wagyu roast beef don the last time (I gave it 5🌟). However, with high expectations means greater disappointment when you realise the standard isn’t really consistent. After tasting how delicious it could be the previous time, this dish this time paled in comparison. It lacked a huge amount of flavour present in the dish the previous time, especially the charred, peppery taste which contributed to the overall tastiness of the dish. Perhaps they forgot to add something, or they added too little of the brown (?) sauce that I realised actually tasted good, and might be the factor which gives the flavour to both rice and beef. Nonetheless, I’ll be back to try again and give it a second chance.😊

$10 for this amazing wagyu beef donburi!! beef was really tender and the yogurt sauce was just delicious! thanks burpple beyond for the 1 for 1

💵: $13

🤔: Pretty yumz though I preferred the unagi don over this. Yolk was cooked perfectly, roast beef was tender and the marinade was gooood!

Honestly this was meh. It’s not worth the price as I’ve tasted other salmon sashimi ikura don that’s better and more worth. The ikura was really little and their sashimi was sliced too thin and weren’t as fresh which didn’t taste as shiok when you eat. Highly recommend to just stick to their signature of wagyu beef donburi.

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