Curry Soup Noodles

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A stalwart in the world of healthy eating, Real Food is wholly committed to bringing honest to goodness vegetarian food to the public. It must be on the right track, judging by the constant crowds as well as the restaurant's steady expansion, including to Malaysia. The Orchard Central outlet is one of our favourites, both for convenience as well as the spacious grounds. The food menu has changed little over the years, and includes many options for diners with soy, wheat and gluten restrictions. Most importantly, the food tastes great and prices are fair! Featuring a spice-filled broth made using soymilk, the Curry Soup Noodles ($12.80) are tasty and easy on the waistline. Other classics include the Organic Mushroom Aglio Olio ($10.80), the zingy Fruit Rojak ($7.50) and the hearty vegetable-filled dumplings, which you can enjoy in the Dumpling Soup ($9.50), in the Dumpling Noodles Dry ($10.80) or Fried ($9.80). If pizzas are on the menu, order without hesitation. The housemade pizza base uses wild yeast, and the Mushroom Pizza ($16) is our top pick for its cheesy, garlicky and umami flavours. On your way out, pop by their grocer's corner to stock your pantry with healthy bites ranging from fresh produce to organic snacks.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burppler Annabel Huang

With regular noodles this time

After multiple attempts trying to order this at other Real Food outlets, finally managed to get it here. Made with curry spices and soy milk but it did not taste like soy milk at all, or like it was a vegetarian curry. Definitely ordering this again!