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Vegan version of the Korean-Chinese savoury black bean sauce thick noodles.
Stir and enjoy while it’s hot.
You won’t miss the meat at all with this yummy vegan bowl.
Definitely satisfying, also loved the delicious handcrafted ban chan.
Highly recommended!


Generous portion and taste quite authentic! One of the better jjm around, although slightly salty. Had the kimbap too which was simple yet super tasty! The fake meat in the kimbap tasted like real luncheon meat and there was cheese too! Also ordered the truffle cheese fries! Lots of cheese and sauce given👌🏻

Interesting vegetarian shop selling korean food so vegetarians can enjoy too. Ordered the jjajangmyeon ($9.90 nett). Noodles had a good springy texture and black sauce was legit (similar to what i had in korea). Usually wouldn't eat the cucumber slices but the taste wasn't too strong after mixing with the sauce so I guess it was healthy too. Satisfying meal!

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the kimchi fried rice was pretty tasty & has this nice "chargrilled" smell but you need to pay extra for banchan & the jajangmyeon sucks HAHA 😅😅 price 💸: 4/5
ambience ✨: 3/5
aesthetic 🌻: 3/5
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Among the bibimbap (3.5/5), jajangmyeon (2/5)& kimchi soup (2.5/5), i like the bibimbap the most! Love the the crunch & bland of flavour from the veggies w the hot sauce! The jajangmyeon noodles are too soft & overcooked & not at all spicy while the kimchi from the soup is mild. The kimchi dumplings (3/5) & pancakes (3/5) are surprising nice! Overall the foods are good & affordable with a homely ambient! Will definitely come back again!

DOLSOT BIBIMPAP: Taste exactly like the usual bibimbap but without meat; too busy taking picture until rice at bottom a bit chao-ta (burnt); additional crispness..
SIDE DISH: Lettuce and mashed potatoes kimchi; not too bad; no free flow..
JJAJANG-MYEON: Surprisingly taste good without meat; not too salty; lots of potatoes and mushroom; love the crunchiness of cucumbers; noodles quite chewy though; good for sharing; would be better with addition of yellow pickles and white onion..
KIMBAP: Taste similar to the ones in Korea; with yellow pickles, carrot, vegetarian ham, spinach; quite crunchy..
OMELETTE: Egg wrapped with seaweed, carrot and vegetarian ham; quite flavorful..
Overall a pretty decent, filling and affordable meal; no GST and service charge; worth to try vegetarian version Korean food; thankfully came earlier before peak hours (super packed and long queue)..
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A hearty and yummy meal of black soy bean paste noodles that got me licking up all the sauce. The radish added a fresh pop of flavor & all the ingredients of mushroom, cucumber, cabbage and potato went really well together with the noodles and sauce
📍The Boneless Kitchen, #01-31, 1 Irving Place, S369545 (near Tai Seng Mrt)


It may be hard to imagine meat-centric Korean fare prepared vegetarian style, but if there's one place that can do it right, it's The Boneless Kitchen. The homey, laidback establishment in Tai Seng serves up all the Korean classics you can possibly think of, from Jajangmyeon ($10.90) to Bibimbap ($9.90) and Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi stew, $9.90). As the Burpple community will have you know, the dishes here are all really flavourful, so much so you wouldn't miss the meat. When dining in a group, consider sharing the Army Stew Jeongol ($35.90), a hotpot laden with ingredients including vegetarian sausage and luncheon 'meat'. It's very filling and good for three to four. Order the Japchae (stir-fried sweet potato noodles, $10.90) to share, or go for their much raved about Jajangmyeon (noodles tossed in black soybean paste, $10.90), which is wonderfully saucy and not too salty. Our only gripe is that the side dishes are not free-flow, but that is a small blip on an otherwise hearty meal.
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burppler Raine Liu

You wouldn't believe this is meat free as it was pretty tasty. Absolutely love the addition of cucumber slices and radish cubes providing a nice crunch and bite.

Thoroughly enjoyed the jajangmyeon ($10.90), which was liberally topped with cucumber strips and fried 'anchovies' - a generous serving of wheat noodles (sutamyeon), diced potato, cabbage and mushrooms all doused in a flavourful, not overly salty or jelat black bean sauce. Will definitely satisfy classic Korean comfort food cravings!!