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Curry Mussels

$16.00 · 31 Reviews

We had 500g cockles $18, la-la $14, curry mussels with mantou $16 + extra 3 mantou $2, smoked fish pate with sourdough $16, sea bass nori pasta $22, and canto garoupa $26. My second time back at Scaled (without burpple beyond) and I will still come back! My family really enjoyed the food (my Uncle practically drank all the curry), atmosphere and service. Really worth a visit but remember to make a reservation!

Must try is the Curry Mussels!
Ordered extra Mantou to soak up the delicious rich gravy that is a mix between Chinese and Indian curry style.

I believe them when they claim their seafood is freshly farmed from the kelong, because I taste the freshness and “natural-ness” of the seafood.

Even though it is no longer on Burpple Beyond, I will come back to Scaled!

My fav dish of the night (we ordered 5). I don’t eat mussels/oysters/basically any shell seafood😂 but I ordered this because of the reviews as I love fried mantou with gravy😜. I enjoyed the mussels (I’m surprised too! although my friend -another shell seafood hater- didn’t). They are fresh, big, plump and tasty.

9 juicy plump mussels in a assam Indian fusion kind of curry with 3 deep fried mantou. Extra mantous are available at 3 for $2 - we ordered them with no hesitation. Mantous are hot, crispy and super soft on the inside and soaks up the curry very well. Delicious.

Will definitely order this again the next time I’m back. With additional mantous, of course.

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This was the nicest and the most underrated food in this restaurant.Thr meat was tender.The shio kombu was well executed.Add in a dash of lemon,and you will be in Prawn Heaven.Also ordered the Curry mussels,Seabass pasta,black grouper,fried calamari.All is well presented and nice.Except the calamari batter which is a tad too oily.

Staff were super super attentive and tool great care to explain each dish and how to eat it! Would definitely come again!

Stop by this romantic hole-in-the-wall along Haji Lane for a dose of quality seafood. Order their Grilled River Prawns ($16) for well-grilled and deliciously sweet prawns that are seasoned with nori cilantro butter and housemade shio kelp. Also try their Curry Mussels With Mantou (from $16) that feature fresh and juicy mussels accompanied by crisp golden-brown buns — heavenly when dipped into the creamy curry. To share, get the nicely Roasted Black Grouper ($28) that sees a perfect balance between the sweet cream sauce and the sourness from the side of pickled mushrooms.
Photo by Burppler Loong Wye Kwan


Had the curry mussels pasta ($18), seabass pasta ($20) and roasted prawns ($16) but as the first two have been extensively reviewed, will share about the prawns. Deliciously sweet and tender flesh of the crustaceans complemented by a very yummy japanese-inspired nori cilantro butter and housemade shio kelp. The smokey bbq flavour added the perfect finish to these prawns. Was told by the server that the prawns we had were a bit smaller than usual but found them still fresh and oh so yummy. Only regret is that there weren't more of them.

Overall a great experience with fresh farm-to-table seafood, inventive yet local/ comfortable taste palate, and friendly service!



The must-try item on the menu and highly recommended by peeps on the internet and staff.

Took a bite and was blown away by the freshness and juiciness of the mussels itself. I have never tasted anything like this before!

The spiciness and sourness of the curry went so well with the mussels and the mantou was such a clever component for us to dip in the sauce with! The waitress was so observant that she kindly asked if we love to have more mantous to go along!! ( Thank you, you are such a saviour )

Kudos to the team for making the whole experience such a lovely one! Service was excellent as they all took the time to fill our cups, change our plates and explain each dishes when served.

It’s a gem tucked away in Haji Lane. Do give it a try and you will not regret it! 🤩

Additional mantou - 3 for $2 ( MUST GET!! )


To avoid any confusion, this dish is NOT part of Burpple’s 1-for-1 deals.

However this is one of the freshest and meatiest mussels I’ve ever eaten. The mantou accompanied with the curry went really well together and it’s something definitely worth trying. This is something I highly recommend you to try if you’re planning to eat here.

Rating: 4/5
Price: $16 (exc GST)


We had 3 dishes: Curry Mussels with Mantou, Seabass Pasta, and Pan-seared Seabass.

Quality of Seafood: One of the freshest seafood I have tasted. The mussels were fresh, huge and juicy (better than those in the hotel buffets, not sure if it is of a right comparison). Fish-wise, it was extremely fresh as wise (good enough for someone who don't like fish to polish them off)

1st dish (mussels): was expecting more of a sweet curry but it was more towards an assam tasting one instead (which was a good choice as sweet curry usually turn out to be quite je-lat after a while). The dish was a great starter as the assam curry awakened our tastebuds. Dish was served piping hot, mantou was crispy on the outside AND fluffy on the inside, which were both major plus points.

2nd dish (seabass pasta): I swear this dish really illustrated how much efforts were being put in to design the dish. The pasta and the fish provided many layers of flavours within a single bite. The picked radish then comes in to add a tinge of zest to the flavours, allowing us to finish the rest of the dish without feeling too sick of it. Great experimentation of different flavours within a dish.

3rd dish (pan-seared seabass): the fish did not disappoint again. The skin was crispy and the fish was not dry at all. Even though it was our second seabass dish, the waiter was right when he said that the sauce ensures that this seabass dish provides a different set of flavours as compared to the previous one. The sauce was unique and adds to the novelty of the dish as well.

Service: excellent service! They bothered to explain how each individual dish would taste like, what to look out for and etc., despite being insanely busy.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone. Take goodness i actually made a reservation prior to my visit. Many walk-in customers were actually turned down as they are out of spaces.

Curry Mussels with Mantou ($16+):
✅ Mussels are fresh and juicy!
✅ Homemade curry sauce is well balanced!
✅ Mantous are crispy in the outside and soft in the inside. Good texture..
✅ Servers are attentive, helpful and know (what’s good about) the menu well!