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A pretty good steak, well executed at medium rare. The texture was on point for something of this quality and there's nothing much to complain about.

Spread the salt out to better salt your steak, if you accidentally get too much on your steak it's way too salty

Quality steaks at an affordable price - the onglet and denver were amazingly charred and juicy. Burrata cheese was fresh, sauteed thyme mushrooms were delicious and the broccolini had a great charred flavour as well. Basque burnt cheesecake was a great end to the meal too - creamy, not overly sweet, and paired with a tangy berry sauce!
Highly recommended for date night. The open kitchen concept made for good conversation and the service was really good and attentive.

We took the bar seats at the Serene Center outlet, and was blown away not only by the quality of the food, but the attentiveness of the staff as well :) they really took the time to explain each dish and ensured that we were comfortable .

Started off with the fresh Italian burrata and toasted sourdough bread which was a wonderful combination.

Next, we had a black opal wagyu onglet and the blood Wagyu Denver. Both were alternative cuts, but the marbling was wonderful. We requested medium rare, and it was cooked to perfection. Personally, I prefer the Wagyu onglet as the flavours were more prominent and it melts in your mouth! The steaks were also paired with the sautéed mushroom medley and the brocollini. I especially liked the sautéed mushroom, no wonder it has been around since the start :))

We ended off the meal with a slice of burnt cheesecake, a perfect end to a perfect meal :)

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Interesting cuts of beef not commonly seen as steaks. The Black Opal Wagyu Onglet was amazingly tender, juicy and flavourful! I enjoyed it so much with the coarse salt. The Sauteed Thyme Mushroom Medley pairs really well with the beef as sides.

tl;dr food is great, you should come here and eat everything.
I went with a friend and we had a starter, two steaks, two sides and dessert. The sous chef prepared every dish in front of us in front of us, in an open kitchen. He gave us a quick explanation of each dish, which I thought was a really nice addition to the dining experience. Unfortunately, I was distracted by the beautiful plume of flame in the background where they were grilling the steaks and I've forgotten a lot of the details.
We started with a bacon and bourbon rillettes on sourdough toast. I feel like just the name alone properly describes how tasty it is. There's just the right amount of rillettes to go with the bread, not too much, not too little.
Our main was a Black Opal wagyu onglet and Denver steak. I personally preferred the onglet, even though the Denver steak had a higher marbling score, and most people would consider it to be of higher quality. I will say the Denver steak had a nicer texture though. At the end of the day, they're both wagyu and we're comparing 9/10 and 10/10
The sauces that came with the steaks were great, but I usually don't put sauce on my steak, so I just ate the sauces by themselves.
The charred broccolini side was surprisingly good, for a vegetable dish. I'm not gonna say it's as good as meat, but it's one of the best green things I've ever eaten
For dessert, we had an apple crostillant for dessert. It was a really nice sweet note to end off the meal

Low marbling but very flavourful. Easy to chew, smoky flavour, savoury and my new favourite cut of steak.

I got grilled prawns as a starter, with their onglet steak as the main and pomme puree. The steak was honestly the best steak that I have ever eaten when paired with the prepared salt, well worth its price. Dessert was a delectable pastry with caramelised apple and macademia ice cream which was flaky and perfectly sweet. Definitely coming back again!

The Denver and the Onglet were really amazing! The flavours were tantalizing and the steaks were grilled to perfection. Paired with the Borderlaise and Salsa Verde homemade sauces and the two sides of the Sauteéd Thyme Mushroom Medley and the Charred Broccolini, the entire meal had very balanced and holistic flavour profile! As the cherry on top, the Signature Tiramisu was also an excellent dessert dish, so big props to Chef Jacob for having done such a wonderful job!

The service was also impressive. Zhariff and his colleagues were very polite, courteous, and professional. We especially loved the Cave de Tain Crozes-Hermitage 2018 from France, which Zhariff recommended us, as its spicy and peppery notes really complemented the flavours of the steaks!

Overall, a very pleasant and enjoyable dining experience and will definitely return for more!

Read many good reviews but was quite disappointed with my dining experience. Made a reservation 1 week in advanced and left a special request to put a birthday candle on the dessert cake, but they did not take note of my request. Sat at the bar counter, lights were dim, could hardly see what I'm eating...

Ordered the onglet. Would be better if it was served warmer. Creamed kale was good.

Quaint neighborhood restaurant with wholesome dishes and delicious steak at an affordable price, which is not easy to find! Tried the onglet and deckle, medium rare, both cooked perfectly. The creamed kale was crunchy with just enough sauce. Staff were friendly. Overall great meal!