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$38.00 · 78 Reviews

Fat Belly lives up to its reputation of serving good steaks at affordable prices coupled with a chill ambience and affable staff. Restaurant didn’t have the usual steakhouse smell which will be a plus point for your clothes and hair😊
I preferred the Onglet which was done medium rare with just a sprinkle of salt to flavour it.
Will defo return!!

Had the Onglet-$38 and deckle-$65. Along with a side of truffle fries-$7 and sauteed thyme mushroom medley-$8. Portion wise, the dishes lives up to their cost and they were all very well prepared! The restaurant has a really pleasant atmosphere that would be wonderful for any occasions.

I really love the classy yet chill ambiance perfect for date night and they definitely dont skimp on thier sides! We had both the Onglet and Deckle and they were so incredibly juicy and indulgent, we were definitely stuffed at the end of the night. The sticky date pudding was defintly worth the extra calories.

They are very generous with the sides! We got the mushrooms and truffle fries, wanted the creamed kale but it was sold out! (Shows how good it is.) The steaks were 💯, it was tender and juicy! (We got the deckle & onglet) And also, the sticky date pudding is a must try. The hot pudding with cold ice cream.. 🤤

1) 400 Day Grain Fed Crossbred Wagyu Deckle, MS 8/9 ($65, 300g)
Got ourselves front row seats to the flame grill action at their open concept kitchen. Impeccable char, insides done to a consistent medium rare perfection. The deckle is the cap around the ribeye, and is just jam-packed with flavour.

2) Auskobe Wagyu Onglet, MS 4/5 ($40, 200g)
Another more obscure cut of steak, the onglet is crazy tender, with most of the flavour and all of the char and perfection of its more expensive sibling

3) Sides: Creamed Kale ($8), Truffle Fries ($7)
Great companions, but was honestly too stuffed and satisfied by the steaks to enjoy them fully. Creamed kale was consistently creamy and appealed to this kale-hater, and the shoestring truffle fries were crisp to the end.

4) Basque Burnt Cheesecake ($12)
I'm no cheesecake aficionado but this was perhaps the fluffiest cheesecake I've had. Paired with some strawberry compote and passionfruit reduction and it goes to the next level.

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Charcoal Grill Beef Cut with a generous portion; it was tender and juicy, super yummy especially when paired with the juicy round tomatos that burst in my mouth.

! Ordered a plate each of Onglet and Deckler, accompanied with Cream Kale and Truffle fries. Managed to snag a counter seat that gave us a view of the cooking process too! Onglet was smoky and juicy, surprisingly tender. Go for the Deckler if you prefer extra fatty cuts. Ended off our meal with the Basque Burnt Cheesecake which was absolutely delicious - definitely would recommend for cheesecake lovers. Chill vibes overall, makes for a cosy yet classy dining experience :)

The place is cosy and intimate, great choice for a dinner date. I’ve been curious about trying out lesser known beef cuts and this has certainly exceed my expectations.

Ordered a Deckle and Onglet, and I was blown away by how tender and flavourful the Deckle steak is, I highly recommend it! Also really loved the creamed kale and burnt cheesecake. Will definitely be coming back to work my way through the menu!

I had onglet steak and the burnt cheesecake.
The onglet steak is one of the best steaks I ever had in Singapore. I ordered Medium-raw and it wasn't very bloody, the tenderness was just nice too!
The burnt cheesecake is pretty unique. The creamy cheesecake and the refreshing passion fruit sauce are a perfect match!

Onglet: Even though I usually have my steak medium well, I decided to go ahead with the staff’s recommendation of medium rare. Boy, was I glad. The meat was succulent and soft without being overly chewy. My jaws did not hurt at the end of the meal. The steak was also adequately salted.

Sauteed Thyme Mushroom Medley: I thought thyme was the perfect herb for this dish as it complemented the mushrooms. It brought out the flavour without having the bitter or fungus-y taste that some mushrooms have. The taste was not too overpowering.

Truffle fries: The truffle smelled really good but when we actually started on it, we knew that this potato dish has got our hopes dashed. The fries were a little dry and this, instead of the steak, made my jaws tired from the chewing after a while. However, the good thing about it is that it was not too oily and it was also crispy! The truffle flavour was not strong enough.

Basque burnt cheesecake: This was the highlight of my meal. It was like medium dense, moist and surprisingly light on the palate. Most cheesecakes are too dense and I wouldn’t be able to finish one whole slice. But this one was totally different. It was tasty and I did not get sick of it! The passionfruit sauce and crumbs were great additions too. The cake tasted extra good when smeared with some of the passionfruit sauce.

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