Iced Coconut Yam Parfait

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Like a recreation of the Teochew Orh Nee, using similar ingredients, if you realised. It's also not the usual parfait one would expect. The coconut yam parfait melts in the mouth, blending its creaminess with the light flavor of the gingko nuts and the fried pumpkin mochi. The fried shallots crumble may seem out of place, but the mild oniony flavour cuts through the creaminess perfectly, with a crispy addition to the texture.

I like the concept of Coalesce, the inspiration behind their innovative creations is to stay true to the Singapore heritage despite the influence from various cultures.
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Much like a deconstructed Teochew Orh Mee, the parfait comes with a fried pumpkin mochi, topped with gingko nuts and fried shallot crumble. Presented in small block forms instead of the usual paste, it is certainly less starchy and cloying but just as “intensely yammy” (following the words of @that_dex 😂). The addition of the crisp pumpkin mochi was a nice touch with a slight chewy bite and the fried shallots along the side provided an intriguing savoury element to the dish as well.

Coming up with a whole new take on fusion food, Coalesce, at NTU@One North Alumni House aims to serve you the world on your plate. And by putting a touch of something new, something innovative to a familiar dish; two good examples were the plated desserts that used our local flavours as base - the Iced Coconut Yam Parfait ($12) and Corn Hoon Kueh off their Weekend Set Lunch.

A balanced dish, the Corn Hoon Kueh was served with fragrant Pandan Crumble, bits of Toasted Coconut Flakes accompanied with a scoop of Coco Sweetcorn Gelato and drizzled with Burnt Miso Butterscotch Sauce. Crunchy, sweet and soft, the textures and flavours really tied in together. The firm yet soft hoon kueh being my favourite item on the plate.

Thank you @Burpple for the invite and the team at Coalesce for hosting us!


Coalesce takes all things Singaporean and puts their own spin on it! One of the desserts that caught my eye was this variation on orh nee (one of my all-time favourite desserts!).

By using a parfait that was quite intensely yammy (is that even a word), they managed to recreate the flavours of the classic dessert. The fried shallots certainly added an element of surprise to the sweet dish but my favourite was the fried pumpkin mochi which was crispy on the outside and chewy inside.