Pig's Organ Soup

$3.50 · 7 Reviews

Sweet, salty robust broth, filled with abundance pig's organ. Love the liver that are velvety and tender pig stomach.
The presence of the salted vegetables in the soup here are strong, compare to the shops in Jalan Besar. Still a very good meal.
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Not too peppery, the soup was light with a strong saltiness from the salted vegetables, which was so comforting in a rainy weather. The sliced pork was rather tough to chew, but aside of that, the innards were clean-tasting and tender. I haven't really tried that many bowls of pig's organ soup, but I would gladly have this again if I'm nearby and in need of some comfort food.



Soon Huat boasted a perpetual queue the whole time we were dining at Serangoon Gardens. The broth was well balanced in both the sweet and savoury departments, but also had an added tangy-ness which I presume was from the slices of tomatoes. The pork slices were tough but the innards stole the show for us. They were very well cleaned, none of that strong innards smell and taste. Was a comforting bowl! #BurppleBestofSerangoonGarden

📍順發豬雜湯 Soon Huat Pig's Organ Soup 
Serangoon Garden Market and Food Centre #01-42


This is my family's favorite pig's organ soup stall, the soup is damn shiok! We also always order a side which consists of pork belly, intestines and skin to go with it.


Soon Huat at Serangoon Garden Market Hawker sells pig organ soup and braised pig intestines and the usual dishes for Kway chap like Beancurd, tau pok and egg. One of the best large intestines I have eaten. Most importantly it doesn't have the porky smell. The Chili that goes with it is 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼. Highly recommended!!


I don't usually order pig organ's soup from any stall for fear that the pig innards are not cleaned thoroughly. Most of the time, the soup is flavored heavily with pepper. However, Soon Huat at Serangoon Garden has never failed me! The soup is filled with the sweetness and sourness from the salted vegetables without being overly salty. Best of it all? The soup is refillable! Also, the pig's intestines were very well braised till they were so soft and chewy. That was indeed $13 well spent!


Always top notch. Personal combination? Braised large intestines and trotters washed down with the savoury kiam chye soup. Prepare to queue 20-30mins during lunch. In fact, one should always combine this with the braised duck just 2units away.