Nasi Lemak

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Known for basmati rice in the nasi lemak, selecting whatever ingredients you like with the sambal just makes this really light and delicious. No hate for my like for fish dishes and carbs, okay?

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File this stall away for future food expeditions to Serangoon Gardens Food Centre. The highlight of their Nasi Lemak (from $3) is definitely the incredibly fragrant basmati rice sporting a delightful coconut aroma. Accompanying that is a perfectly fried egg with a runny core, crispy ikan billis and kuning fish, as well as a well-marinated fried chicken. Cover it all in their sweet and spicy sambal chilli — sedap!
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My new regular place for nasi lemak, at Serangoon Gardens Food Centre. We've probably tasted many different nasi lemak in Singapore and Malaysia - some heavier, some lighter, some using Jasmine rice, some using basmati rice, some enhanced with flavour essence, while some have a lighter natural fragrance.
This one sits at one end of the spectrum which is lighter, for many reasons - it uses basmati rice, so it's more fluffy, less sticky, less cloying. It also has a light, natural fragrance from coconut milk, so it doesn't feel overly lemak or guilty. It's one nasi lemak that is easier on your tummy.
But as with all nasi lemak stalls, you need a bit of luck when it comes to the fried accompaniments. It's really good when it happens to be freshly fried, but at times you could get those that has been left to air for a while.
Still, it's one stall I'll keep coming back to whenever I'm here.
Aliff Nasi Lemak
Stall 27
Serangoon Garden Market
49A Serangoon Gardens Way
Singapore 555945

8am to 5pm daily (according to Google map)
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We ordered two portions of chicken wings and all this cost $5.50, which was really quite affordable. The basmati rice was so incredibly fragrant, fluffy and flavourful, the egg was perfectly done with a runny yolk and all the ingredients had significant effort put into them - all fresh and satisfying. The only gripe I would have would be that the chicken could be bigger (but then again I’m very used to Punggol Nasi Lemak’s giant chicken drumsticks), and the chilli wasn’t very spicy.


Nasi Lemak is always one of my top favourite dish and constantly in search for one that is delectable. Aliff Nasi Lemak from Serangoon Garden Market is one that could definitely satisfy me as the nasi lemak gave a homely cooked feel. The highlight would be the basmati rice which is fragrant and fluffy that kinda stay true to their tagline of ‘Basmati Rice Aged to Perfection’ which they boldly claimed on their signboard.


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Love the ikan billis and kuning fish here. Always crispy and very tasty. The stall uses very nice long grain rice which does not clumped up like a bunch. Sambal chilli is sweet and spicy. Just right for nasi lemak. Sedap!!!

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Cost $4.80 set E. Rice served is basmati rice and it is very fragrant! The chicken was well marinated and fried too. Even a simple dish like the Otah is quite thick and tasty. Nothing to complain about really. They are closed on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Very good nasi lemak found here. The rice is fragrant & the chicken wings very crispy, love the otah too!


Very good nasi lemak here. The rice is very fragrant, and goes well with the chili. I went for set E, which includes chicken wing, otah, Ilan bilis & eggs.