Kway Chap

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Still my favourite kway chap. I’ve never tried anywhere else with the same thin, silky sheets of kway. The ingredients are braised perfectly- not too salty, with the perfect blend of spices. Special shout out to the tender pig trotter with layers of delicious gelatinous fat. As my brother said, each piece tastes fantastic. I also love the thoo thor (pig’s stomach) and slightly sweet fishcake. Such a comforting meal.

Best kway chap ever. Worth the long queue

Everything was not bad, esp the pork which was q flavourful and q tender if abit dry. Intestines were well cooked till slightly springy,and the kway itself was thin. Only gripe was probably the tau kwa, doesn't have enough flavour probably cos their sauce was rather light
Highly recommend adding on the fat peanuts and the mild salted veg(you can really taste the flavour of the veg itself)

P.S. queue moves rlly slowly even if it's short. A lot of ppl buying huge portions, and the chef cuts the ingredients meticulously

Feel that the portion is too small for 2 pax.
Location : Garden Street Kway Chap
49A Serangoon Garden Way, #01-21.
Singapore , 555945.
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Only $19 for everything pictured above, it fed 4 of us well! Be prepared for long queues though as this is one of the most popular stalls in Serangoon Gardens Food Centre (and for good reason).

Ordered a set for 2 pax which comes with tau kwa, pork belly, tau pok, intestines, egg, braised peanut and salted vegs. The intestines were well cleaned and pork belly slices were tender. The kway was silky smooth with the right thickness and it goes well with the herbal broth.

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Long queue, the intestines tasted great.

Overall quite filling.

$10.50 for 2 pax - peanuts 🥜 咸菜, tau kwa, fishcake, tau pok and 大肠

The kway chap is as thin as tissue paper! Super smooth. No wonder most people ordered the big bowls, I’ll do that next time too. The 大肠 are very clean and cooked to perfection. Other ingredients are up to standard too. Worth my time queuing 👍🏻


Forgot how cheap hawker good can get 😌😌 Though it may not be the best kway chap around, it’s definitely a pretty good and decently hearty version! Shoutout to the chef who really conscientiously cuts the intestines and ingredients up, making this possibly the neatest kway chap I’ve ever eaten, but also explains the queue (15-20 min but pretty worth it I guess). Love the generous spread from small and large intestines, to the staple pork belly, taupok, taukwa, pig skin and braised egg! 🤤🤤 Hawker centre was also airy and well ventilated with many other good stalls, so was a really pleasant meal! 💯💯

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Despite being tucked in an obscure corner, there is a constant queue at Garden Street Kway Chap. Kway chap is hard to be mindblowing kind of good, so I would say the version here is above average, nothing spectacular (though their salted veg is the best I’ve had, not too overpowering), just good old kway chap.

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