Braised Pork Belly Rice

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One of my all time favourite comfort food, Scorch’s (一把火) Lu Rou Fan had been on my to-eat-list for quite awhile and I finally got to having it a couple weeks back. Even with just two basic elements - braised meat and rice, it is not difficult to mess up the quintessential Taiwanese staple. Hence, upon the first bite I was pleasantly surprised by the flavourful braised sauce and melty pork belly. Savoury, tender and absolutely saucy; the bowl may be heavier on the flavours imo but immensely satisfying especially with the slightly peppery aftertaste. And though the serving is not very big, take up @Burpple advice of adding meat ($1) to the small bowl ($3) so as to get the right proportion of 'lu rou' to 'fan'. Loving that it is diced instead of minced, the heap of slow-cooked pork also had a great texture as well as ratio of fattiness. Served on steamy white Japanese rice, the fluffy bed was able to soak up all the gravy-goodness with the thin slices of tangy pickled cucumbers cut through the richness.

Yes my tummy was filled but I still totally ignored the $3/small portion & went for this, & I could easily do with another 2 bowls because geez it's so addictive!
Simplicity gets underrated at times & this bowl filled with warm dark tender chunks of slow-cooked braised pork belly, contrasting slices of pickled cucumber & the shiok, smoky, spicy chilli sauce by the side absolutely enhances the overall experience. In fact, I hate to say but it's very comparable to the one I had at a corner shop at Jiufen in Taiwan. My only complaint here is the absence of braised egg, but this is first world problem right here.
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To quote Burpple Tastemaker Fiona Ting, this hole-in-the-wall Clifford Centre newbie is the place for "seriously saucy" Braised Pork Belly Rice ($3 for small, $5 for big). Portion-wise, we found the best way to go was to add meat ($1) to the small bowl to get a great proportion of meat to rice. Get your appetites ready for a bowl of Japanese pearl rice, topped generously with slow-cooked braised pork belly. Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua describes the rice to be drenched with the savoury braised sauce, and the meat to be melt-in-the-mouth tender. In short, it's a super comforting, belly-warming meal that'll perk you up for lunch. They also serve pretty tasty old-school waffles, smeared with your choice of filling. Fiona loves the Nacho Cheese Waffle ($2), sandwiched with a slice of cheddar and copious amounts of nacho cheese sauce. Pro tip: Ask for a bowl of chili to go with your lu rou fan!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Fiona Ting

This was the small bowl that goes for $3 but they also have a bigger one for $5. The braised meat was so soft and very flavourful. Shout out to the pickled cucumbers which added a very welcoming sour crunch to balance out the meatiness.

Regretted not upsizing to the $5 portion!


What you get is a $3 bowl arriving piping hot, topped with strips of braised pork bellow slow-cooked in dark sauce that would soon melt in your mouth.

The highlight to me was the rice beneath, of fluffy Japanese rice grains that would soothingly absorb some of the sauces.

Scorch is a new eatery deep within Clifford Centre's first floor serving pancakes (think traditional Singaporean corner bakery instead of American ones that are smothered in syrup), nasi lemak sets, traditional Chinese desserts, and the cornerstone of their menu, lu rou fan.

Of course, I ordered a large bowl of lu rou fan for $5, and I was rewarded with a scorching hot and utterly heart (and belly) warming bowl of rice topped with braised pork belly that had been chopped to ribbons. The bowl might look laughably meager, but this bowl is deep. Think Jaden Smith blazing it kind of deep. And it stuffs the stomach satisfyingly.

It's nothing awe inspiring or revolutionary, it's just an avalanche of tender, braised pork ribbons stewed in an undeniably umami sauce, which has been showered upon the rice and breathes life into the otherwise plain white rice. The addition of sharp, sour pickled cucumbers on the side helps to cut through the heaviness and richness of the gravy and braised pork laden ricebowl, and is a very welcome addition.

For $5, Scorch certainly offers up a scorcher of a deal that will satisfy your stomach and tastebuds while protecting your wallet from being massacred.



Scorch, a Taiwanese-Singaporean cuisine inspired joint, newly opened within the depths of Clifford Centre. Amongst the variety of Nasi Lemak and Lu Rou Fan bowls, they also sling out old school waffles with a thick schmear of your favourite filling.
Featured is the crisp fragrant waffle with a slice of cheddar and copious amounts of nacho cheese sauce sandwiched between. An easy crowd pleaser which is equally easy on your wallets.

2bucks/cheese waffle
24 Clifford Centre
Level 1-12A
Singapore 048621
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