Caramel Carnivore

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We had the 22.90 range - mac and cheese, pesto and CARAMEL CARNIVORE. I liked the last pasta best, but the mac and cheese was a close second!

Brined for 2 weeks before it hits the grill for that lovely char and the oven for that perfectly even cook - no sous vide involved here. The wagyu tomahawk itself is ordered without the bone so you gain all that ‘bone’ weight in meat. It’s finally crusted in toasted black sesame before being served with slow roasted tomatoes and ohsoamazingcaramelised carrots.
The meat is then carved and served at the table, in batches, so the meat stays juicy and warm throughout the meal. The richness of the meat, with a little tartness from the tomatoes and sweetness from the caramelised carrots - takes you to a happy food coma after the meal is done.
Don’t forget to also try their soups and pastas (tomato soup, Muddy Mushroom soup, Clammy Addiction and Caramel Carnivore (the upgraded version has meatballs now!) pastas being some of my favorites! Too bad the killed the Bourdain). A reservation and a $100 deposit is required when you book the wagyu tomahawk or the short ribs. Go with at least 4 pax or 3 monsters. You won’t regret this.
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Set in a row of shophouses along Upper Thomson Road, Pasta J makes an excellent spot for pasta-loving dog owners. Dogs are welcome indoors, but you will have to keep yours on a leash beside you. The owner is likely to come by with lots of cuddles though! He's also known to host dress-up events for fur babies. The upcoming Pasta J Dog Halloween Party is on 29 October, with a best dressed competition for owners and their dogs who show up in costume. Food wise, Pasta J does excellent pastas. Get your meat on with the Caramel Carnivore ($16.90). Burpple Tastemaker Kelly Wong loves how the pasta is slicked with smoky, caramelised onions and tossed with marrow, meat and cartilage. She also declares the topping of pork balls to be the yummiest she's had! Pro tip: Seating is limited so make reservations if you're visiting in a group.
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Kelly Wong

Onions slowly sautéed till they caramelized to give a sweet, burnt aroma that coated the pasta, tossed with marrow, scraps of meat and cartilage. Top this off with one of the yummiest homemade pork balls I've ever tried - we simply couldn't get enough of this #pasta! #burpple #italian

Rather disappointing dish for the hype and the price. Dont get me wrong, the marinate was wonderful and evidently homemade since it was so unique, but the ribs were rather tough despite being juicy. Had to spend a little effort cutting through the ribs with a knife. The smoky aroma was very enticing, but compared to the other dishes this seems to fall short.


Majority agreed that this was the best dish of the meal! Full of deep meaty notes from the bone marrow without being too oily, while being nutty with a hint of sweetness. Moreover, pasta was perfectly cooked

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Would have preferred the flavour of the cheese to be much stronger but they are really generous with their meat servings. The bacon and the luscious sausage patty will be a delightful treat for meat lovers.
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