Poached Salmon

$26.00 · 4 Reviews

Easties, mark this cosy restaurant in Kembangan down for date night. Order the Sorrel Salmon ($23) that sees poached salmon on a bed of spinach and zucchini, surrounded by a moat of sorrel cream. Alternatively, go for the Fish And Chips ($22) that sees a nicely battered barramundi fillet served alongside an appetizing red cabbage coleslaw.
Photo by Burppler Timtamtum ✨

A recent lunch I had with a friend who recently subscribed to burpple mentioned that some establishments can be found on eatigo or other food platforms “and you don’t pay for those...” he commented. But I quickly raised that there are those places that you’d hardly get any sorts of discounts at but burpple and South Union Park (SUP) is a prime example.
I’ve been here twice for brunch then dinner and was only very impressed on the first visit; dinner here fell short of expectations with an underwhelming baby back ribs main we had. But with Burpplebeyond I was determined to return and sooner than expected I found myself revelling in what I first fell in love with; SUP’s chicken liver pate. Shortly after everything I’d wished for on plate: poached salmon that had not one trace of what I always feared in slabs of fish, sapless poor textured white meat. The fish sad on a bed of spinach and zucchini swimming in a shallow pool of sorrel cream that I polished off the plate.
Another note: SUP hand makes their pastas which means you definitely should try them because handmade wet pastas are quite recherché at least in my sphere of the SG F&B scene.
Lastly, the fish and chips here employs a barramundi fillet as opposed to common dory/ sea bass fillets; this along side an in house coleslaw with red cabbage, a testimony to SUP’s emphasis on using good quality ingredients, something I look for in every menu earnestly crafted by chefs.

The salmon was about as tender as it could get since it was fully cooked thru but only very slightly pink. Kudos to them for the temperature control. It was so tender my friend was worried it was raw haha. Anyway the white clam cream was the epitome of "light and flavourful" and was raving about how it elevated the tender salmon. Definitely a salmon dish thats rather unique


NEWLY OPENED! this place only opened recently and i am so excited because this cafe is only one minute's walk from my house! i liked the ambience of the place, it had the chilled, relaxed kind of feel. the Poached Salmon ($20) caught my eye while i was looking through the menu, probably because i was craving for it! the salmon was not fully cooked, and it was more raw than cooked. i didn't mind, of course. i was able to peel off the flesh easily! combining it with the sweet onion salad and cous cous with raisins, it had a good mix of flavour which made me very pleased. i'm quite sad i didn't manage to try their desserts, apparently they are pretty decent! the waiting time was a little long, food a little pricey, and the menu selection was pretty limited but i heard they are going to add on more variety, just not sure when. can't wait though!

in this photo also includes the Duck Confit Pasta ($19), Short Rib Ragu Pasta ($22) and Butternut Pasta ($17).