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Hands down one of the BEST desserts I’ve ever had. Wasn’t super sweet (which is great), & could really taste the hazelnut instead of just sugar. South union park usually produces AMAZING food, though a little pricey. Didn’t really fancy their apple crumble, and their brownie was a little too sweet (still decadent, however). This hazelnut choux just blew my mind.

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$11 a plate, it tasted better than it looks.
Soft chocolate brownie that really melts in the mouth.
Salted caramel ice cream on top.
Really indulgence! Also to share with a dessert buddy.



This was so close to perfection. If only the brownie was slightly crispy it would have been ambrosia. Everything else was executed to perfection, especially the candied pecans which lends a nice crunch to contrast against the soft ingredients. Don't order this to share, you're in for a breakup. 3 of us obliterated the dish within 30seconds :p


With salted caramel ice cream, candied walnuts and butterscotch. This was truly the best brownie I've had in a while. It also helps that I absolutely love salted caramel, in line with my weakness for anything sweet and salty in a mouthful. I think the contrast makes it so delicious.
@southunionpark is such a surprising discovery. Thanks again @veronicaphua. The fact that there are so many dishes I like puts the venue high on the 'will return to try more dishes' list.
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I don't fancy chocolate desserts, but I think I can be bribed easily with a very good brownie. Just swung by for some desserts and settled for this — the only item in the current dessert menu item I have yet to try. Extremely decadent and so luscious; the chocolate brownie is like eating warm, melted chocolate being so smooth like as though it's ganache — so rich at the same time. Complimented with their signature Salted Caramel Ice-Cream (always smooth and creamy and tastefully salted without being too sweet) and candied walnuts that gives a sweet crunch. Simply perfection.

Honestly surprised at how good this was! Suuuuuper moist and buttery brownie, topped with some badass salted caramel ice cream, crunchy candied walnuts, and lots of butterscotch. The candied walnuts were a tad too hard and tasted a little burnt, but u can kinda ignore it by burying in heaps of awesome ice cream and brownie. Nothing really fancy, just a hearty chocolatey bite.

This pillowy, almost molten bundle of chocolaty goodness yielded effortlessly under the fork and in the mouth. Absolutely delightful with salted caramel ice cream, butterscotch, and crunchy candied walnuts. Will gladly pay $9 for this again.

Warm and fuzzy chocolate brownie to go with butterscotch ice cream and drizzled with salted caramel. The addition of candied walnuts brought out another level of fragrance to the same old usual brownie.
Sometimes it is the most ordinary dessert which turns out to be extraordinary.


The Brownie ($9) is of a softer consistency as compared to the other conventional ones and served with candied walnuts, butterscotch and vanilla ice cream (with squeezes of salted caramel twirls). It can be quite sweet initially but the salted caramel balances out the sweetness, making it a very delightful dessert.

South Union Park
Address: 101, Jalan Kembangan, Singapore 419139