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Fried Chicken Sandwich

$16.00 · 54 Reviews

$16 + 7% tax. Tender bun, juicy chicken wrapped in a crust of flavourful and crunchy breading, cabbage slaw and mayo. Tastes a bit like a McSpicy but 10 times better!

Used the #BurppleBeyond 1-for-1 deal before it expires 30 Jun 19. Ordered the Cubano pulled pork ($16 also) as the other sandwich. Very delicious and multi-layered taste (pickles went so well and which i normally dislike!), cheesy, well buttered toast. But a bit "jelat" at the end.


Best fried chicken sandwich in town - the chicken was so perfectly crispy on the outside yet extremely tender and juicy within. I mean, just look at how thick that chicken is within the sandwich! So delicious and extremely value for money on Burpple Beyond. It’s a pity that the Patty Melt was replaced by the Impossible meat version, because the patty melt was my favourite here.

But the fried chicken sandwich was not so good though. a bit oily, the batter doesn’t stick to the chicken and it’s tasteless.
Anyway, it’s 1 for 1 using #burpplebeyond so it’s definitely worth it. But only for selected items. #burpple

Second time here and am a fan of their fried chicken sandwich! It’s because the chicken is way bigger than the bun ha! Excellent taste and definitely worth every buck. Having burpple beyond here is a bonus!! You have no reason to not try it now.

The Fried Chicken sandwich ($16) contains a generous slab of crispy yet tender buttermilk fried chicken, paired perfectly with garlic aioli and chipotle honey dressing, accompanied by crisp shredded lettuce, all wrapped in a fresh brioche bun. Needless to say, I deeply enjoyed this sandwich and will be back for more. The only thing to note is that it can get quite messy to eat as the size of the chicken far surpasses the size of the bread but no complains. PBD can get quite crowded on weekends and limited seating is available. 1 for 1 available on Burpple Beyond.

Got 2 of these for the price of 1 with burpple beyond app, one of the best deals on burpple! The fried chicken sandwich are crispy and juicy, super flavourful! Yums!

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This is by far the best buttermilk fried chicken I have tasted in a long time! The garlic aioli and chipotle-honey dressing go really well together with the crisp chicken.
Do you know the @burpple #burpplebeyond can be used here as well? 👍🏻
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Buttermilk fried chicken was juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside !!!! The bun, sauces and the lettuce complemented the chicken very well. Eating this could get a little messy. A filling portion as well. Super shiok

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We ordered Fried Chicken and Cubano and shared half of each. We started with the Cubano as we both thought it will be lighter in taste compared to the fried chicken. Pulled pork is well-seasoned, I like the texture of the Turkish pide bread, it’s crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. It gets slightly salty towards the end because of the ham. Surprisingly, the fried chicken sandwich actually taste lighter than Cubano. The chicken was lightly seasoned, which explains how it’s lighter in taste compared to Cubano. I am very impressed with the tenderness of the chicken thigh, the meat is so tender it just falls apart with a light pinch. It is also very crispy, the buttermilk batter is not too thick, just enough to create a thin crisp surrounding the chicken thigh. Although it’s quite oily, it is totally worth the calories. Thanks to Burpple Beyond, this is really value for money.

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#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Cubano ($16)
Fried Chicken ($16)

Crowded on Saturday afternoon. We preferred the Cubano Sandwich as the pickles really brought out the flavours of the sauce and all the ingredients. For the Fried Chicken Sandwich, dont know is it an one off thing but both the chicken and the bun were abit charred. Hence there was this bitter after taste. But the chunky chicken thigh was juicy and savoury. Burpple Beyond really made them more reasonably priced. Not sure whether will return considering the crowd and the Sandwiches you can order with the deal is limited.

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