Bijin Nabe

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Look to this Jap restaurant in Plaza Singapura for a lunch date spot with mum. You are here for the Bijin Nabe ($25 per pax) which sees vegetables, seafood and chicken cooked in a thick and sweet golden Jidori chicken broth — a potent eight hour-brew where chicken bones get fully dissolved turning into a silky smooth pudding that's high in collagen. Pro-tip: come during off peak hours to avoid queuing.
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This is the first time I tried their hotpot and oh my, I was hooked. Every time my Friend ask me where to meet, I’ll say Dhoby Ghaut Bijin Nabe? It’s like that’s the only food place that exist in that mall. This is a late post but I can still taste the richness of soup in my mouth. Thinking about it every time makes me want to go back to drinking this. The best part is we’re able to add more soup!! We added other ingredients in like prawn, meat ball, red radish and etc. Yum yum. Perfect for a raining day!

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🤣🐳 the collagen is the most authentic I tried. I believe my skin is whiter and more supple. No need for botox too!! $30-$40 depending on your type of dishes..yum yum 🐳🐳.... #sgfoodblogger #merlion #merryansg #singapore #burpplesg #toyslagram #foodie #foodgasm #burpple #nabe #food #foodporn #foodphotography #foodie #liangcourt #bijinnabe


Was feeling a little unwell today and craving for this, cnt be bothered with diet anymore... 😕 Their menu changed a little, now got 3 choices for soup base; original, spicy or curry and also can top up for premium meat choice. We can choose a special vegetables too, I chose the red raddish! 3 types of noodles type, I like the mochi mochi! The rice cake is one of my all the favourite and the egg pudding was so good! #happytummy #collagensoup #beautypot #japanesehotpot #cremebrulee #oishi #sgfood #burpple #igsg


Imagine my excitement when I saw that my favourite Bijin Nabe from Tsukada Nojo has started offering spicy or curry versions of their oh-so-rich chicken collagen soup! 😋

You'll get the same bubbling down of the tauhuay-like collagen, but this time into a mildly spicy/mala-like base with the peppercorns and spices (avoid biting any unless that's your thang). While it is shiok, the heat does make the soup harder to inhale (like I usually do), so purists would probably rather the original base. Still considering if I'll ever decide to try their curry option. 😂

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Spicy Chilli Bijin Nabe ($25/pax)

@bijinnabe at Tsukada Nojo requires no introduction as evident from their persistent queues. However, their recently revamped menu definitely deserves recognition! So, there are now 2 additional bases, spicy chilli and curry as well as 2 other hotpots, sukiyaki and shabu shabu. The set is also marginally customizable with a list of fixed ingredients and a separate optional list where you pick 2 of your favourites. The noodle selection also boasts a seasonal noodle option with sakura noodles being the current flavour and yuzu noodles coming up in a few days.

Overall, the spicy chilli soup was definitely a refreshing change and would call out to novice mala lovers with the dash of peppercorns added to the usual collagen soup stock. I also noticed that the size of the chicken used seems to have grown! I saw the base of the pot yet again as I slurped up every drop of the delicious collagen soup!

Thanks Eleanor for braving the Friday night queue for this, I finally got to try this "bijin nabe" 美人鍋!! 😍 It was love at first sip - such a flavourful, thick, gooey broth that's supposed to make us prettier! 😉 Yummy tummy!!


Finally!! Always wanted to try this, but deterred by the price and portion (because why this when you can have buffet lol). Didn't expect the ENTIRE pot to be collagen; they'll first let you taste the original soup once it melts before adding in the ingredients for you. It was like PURE CHICKEN hahah; sort of like super rich ramen soup. Adding in the ingredients gives it a milder taste, but it's still very rich. Delicious as it is, the portions of ingredients and noodles are really too little, or as we concluded, to be beautiful you have to eat less too lol 😌

wanted to try the famous collagen bijin nabe pot but didn't know they only have bijin men on weekend lunches. However according to the waitress, the soup is the same umami goodness as the collagen pot's. The ingredients are Superb! Love the runny tamago and sweet tender chicken slices. And it comes with baby bean sprouts which add a dose of healthy variation to the ramen


Bijing Nabe which is super rich in collagen comes with Chicken, Prawns, Lettuce, Red Radish, Enoki Mushrooms, Baby Sweet Potato Leaves, Baby Corn, Lady's Finger, Deep Fried Tofu, Yellow Zucchini, Fresh Black Fungus, Tori Taukune (Chicken meat balls) and a choice of noodles (Thin Tsuru-tsuru Egg Noodle/Thick Mochi-mochi Noodles/Rice Noodles) or Zosui (White/Brown Rice Porridge) 》$25++/pax, Min 2 pax to dine.

The golden nutritious, rich and flavorful Jidori Soup is achieved by stewing Jidori chicken bones with salt and water for over 8 hours. The chicken bones will then be fully dissolved. Eventually, the chicken stock turns into a smooth and silky collagen pudding.

Kimono dressed staff will first let the collagen pudding boil for about 5-10mins. Once heated, they will scoop each of us a small portion of original soup stock for tasting. Next, they will scoop up the chicken and some soup for everyone to eat while they neatly placed all (except prawns, sweet potato leaves and noodles) ingredients into the pot and let it boil. When we are almost done eating those items, the noodles will be served and best to be eaten with the remaining sweet potato leaves and prawns. Not to forget, every hot pot is entitled to 1 soup refill and we chose to redeem it together with our noodles 😋