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first time here. selection of flavours were amazing and i was terribly spoilt for choice. ended up choosing my bias (pistachio) but would definitely return again to get other flavours. staff was very friendly.

I wouldn't have know of this place if not for burrple beyond.

Tried the pistachio and the caramel sea salt.

Felt it was slightly good.

7/10 for both.

The caramel sea salt had a very buttery taste, loved it.

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Dark chocolate is rich, pistachio is fragrant! Love the 1-1!

Love the variety of flavors here. The pistachio gelato is really good. With burpple beyond, this only cost $5.20 for two.

We guessed their cones must be freshly made cos it's so crunchy. There's additional 10% off by using Shopbackgo.✌🏼 #AromaGelato #BurppleBeyond #Burpple #Pistachio #Chocolate

aRoma is a fixture during meals in Bugis - the gelato is rich, creamy and very flavourful. The new burpple beyond deals did away with the double scoops and now have the single scoop on a cone as an option. We got our favourite pistachio, and decided to try the lemon liquor! It was surprisingly refreshing and textured with some lemon rind. #oldisgold

As the title states, the best pistachio gelato ever! Recommended to my friends and they love it too!❀️

Rating: 4/5

Tried the pistachio, apple crumble, matcha and coconut flavors! Pistachio was fairly flavorful but I felt that it could have been richer in terms of nut to milk ratio! Matcha was pretty good and just the right amount of intensity for me πŸ™‚ shop staff was also very friendly and the space in the shop was cosy and nice.

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We had the pistachio (premium flavour, additional 50 cents), caramel seasalt, caffe del nonno (essentially coffee) and stracciatella (essentially something like chocolate and cream). I loved my piccolo cup ($6.20 for 2 flavours) flavours (mine's the left one)! Made worth it with the 1-for-1! Do use my code:SPOO360 if anyone is keen to get 20% off all day membership plans for burpplebeyond!☺️ #burpple #burpplebeyondsg
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But I must say the service here was bizzare?? When we first entered the store and indicated we were using burpplebeyond, the staff was v enthusiastic in requesting to claim our burpplebeyond deal first. That was even before we had time to see what flavours were on sale and to try them. In my mind I was thinking what if we see and try already but decide not to buy? So we told the staff to give us some time to see first. Then we requested to try the gelato. But somehow, some of the flavours were kept at the back of store. So the staff wanted to make sure we listed all the flavours we wanted to try before she walked to the back of the store to take it (so this made us even more paiseh to try all the flavours we actually wanted to try). We requested to try the pistachio flavour, but was given the ans that it was their bestseller, and hence no need to try. Of which we laughed and replied "oh", thinking they will still bring it out for us to try. But they didn't! πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I'm just glad it turned out to be nice. And the next strange event was that the staff made a comment that the spoons could be reused. Urm, it is the first time at an ice cream/gelato shops whereby we were requested to reuse spoons after trying. I do accept that it is environmentally friendly, but I just found the whole experience vvvv weird. But maybe it is just me. Haha.

Was initially very disappointed to discover pistachio and chocolate was not available but the other flavours turned out to be superb!

Must try includes Hazelnut, Mascarpone & Matcha. All very rich tasting, smooth and yet not too sweet.

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