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Hearty Chicken Stew

$16.00 · 20 Reviews

For: those in the neighbourhood, looking for a chill spot to get your caffeine fix!

Concurring with fellow reviewers - there seems to be a focus on aesthetic over taste. Also, definitely not wallet friendly!

Liquids: Lovely colossal espresso machine with well balanced espresso shot. Milk was not well frothed and (for the sake of the gram) the latte art was...absent. The cold brew was advertised at the counter and I couldn’t resist! It had a nice sweet aftertaste if you could get over the initial bitter bite - maybe the grounds were too old/ finely grounded? I would recommend perfecting your cold brew before advertisement, especially if you’re looking to compete with Yahava Kaffee next door (BAE). Wonder how old is their roast?

Food: I can’t say for the pasta & stew mains, but the brunch was underwhelming. The sweet brioche, sweet avocado, sweet spinach and sweet Greek yoghurt dressing produced a salmon -yoghurt cake dish. The French toast was lovely to look but dry and hard to bite, far from the crunchy gooey custard most of us expect.

Aesthetic: gorgeous.

Overall: Lovely brunch spot for a chill out which should tweak it’s recipes/ roasts! Would give it a miss if I didn’t live next door.

Would recommend it’s pastas from a previous trip but no photos, alas!

The ambiance of the place was really nice and the food served had a hearty touch, especially so since it was a rainy day. Ok since we tried a few dishes this review might take awhile eheheh but I’ll try to make it worthwhile:)) Prawn alio olio($18).
Linguine was al Dante, but a little on the spicier side, hence it’s actually more manageable when shared. However, they were really generous with the prawns and the proportions of ingredients to pasta was just right.
Chicken stew($16)
I found it more on the potatoey?? side, like it has a thicker consistency comapref to others I’ve tried, with various ingredients added like potato, carrots and celery. I actually liked the pairing of the stew with the multigrain bread given on the side.
Tomato egg stew($13)
This was the perfect combo of spicy and tangy in a broth, it’s not as spicy compared to the alio olio, but more on the peppery side. The egg was also runny which I liked and I’m pleasantly surprised by the addition of yogurt in the stew, really gives it a more sour kick. I asked for replacement of the cider sausages for sautéed mushrooms as I don’t really eat sausage, but if any of y’all have tried,do let me know!! Ok that’s all folks ahaha if y’all know any good cafes to chill, hang out and drink coffee do tell!!:)) #lunch #alioolio #chickenstew #tomatostew #cafes #sgcafes #goodfoodgoodcompany #rainydays #burpple #burpplesg #sgfoodies

Huge chicken thigh swimming in a bowl of creamy soup with chunks of potatoes. Comes with a side of multigrain toast. Not too sure why is there 2 slices of toast instead of 1 as shown in photos and in burpple review, probably is to replace the missing carrots chunks. Chicken is well-cooked, very tender and the meat literally fall off the bone.


A unique dish for a cafe! A little pricey, but tastes good :)

Love the taste after mixing in the poached egg 😋 🥩 🥚
Chicken Roulade ($23) - Juicy tender baked chicken leg stuffed with sautéed mushrooms accompanied by cherry tomato stew, brussels sprounts, cranberry sauce & permesan cheese 😋 🍗 🍄
Linguine Puttanesca ($19) - Tomato cream sauce pasta with tiger prawns, snapper, capers & anchovies. Good!😋
🍝 🦐
Truffle Fries ($10) - our forever love 💕 🍟
Overall an enjoyable & satisfying meal

CHICKEN CUTLET JJOLMYEON: Big, crispy and tender chicken thigh cutlet on top of Korean fare chewy noodle; noodle tossed in gochujang; not spicy for me; taste is different from the jjolmyeon that I've eaten, but quite tasty though; with cucumbers and mushrooms; quite filling hence good for sharing..
BERRY MATCHA LAVA CAKE: The famous dessert here; love the "wobbly" cake with matcha oozing out after cut open; cake is moist and fluffy; good combination of berries with matcha; not too sweet; good for sharing the calories..
LINGUINE PUTTANESCA: Linguine pasta tossed in tomato base; with snapper and tiger prawn; fresh and juicy; topped with cheese; mildly sour but flavorful; portion is quite big..
HEARTY CHICKEN STEW: One of their famous dish; whole chicken thigh is tender and well-cooked (meat fall off bone instantly); with celery, potato and carrots cooked till soft; soup is flavorful with herbs and slightly thick; toast is crispy; warm comfort food that is good for rainy day; understand why it is a famous and highly recommended food here..
Overall a satisfied and filling meal in a cosy café; pretty crowded due to weekend lunch hours; good to make reservation; love the simple decoration; food is simple but pretty good and comforting for my picky taste bud; probably can go back to try their other dishes..
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Every day. Chicken Stew for the Sleepy Soul. .
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Creamy chicken leg stew with herbed potatoes and carrots. Served with toasted multigrain bread.

This cafe is nicely tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the usual suspects at Thomson area right behind sembawang hills food center.

Very comforting dish, not to mention unconventional option on the brunch menu. Chicken is tender and juicy, the stew has a consistency more of a soup, but was rich and flavorful, perfect for using the fluffy bread to soak em up!


Can’t decide on coffee or tea? How about both?? 😉 This drink is one part matcha, one part milk and one part espresso (coffee)! Tastewise, it had a very interesting blend. At first sip, you’ll taste the coffee and there after the fragrance and bitterness of the matcha hits your tastebuds and leaves you with a bitter aftertaste of both the coffee and matcha. Also noteworthy is that this cafe has very nice industrial themed decor and has friendly staffs 😊