Hearty Chicken Stew

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First time here and was impressed with the food! We ordered the chicken stew and truffle fries and they did not disappoint. The stew was delicious and chicken drumstick was tender, the bread was crispy too. Will come back here again!

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We tried the Chicken Stew ($16) and Scrambled Lyonnaise ($16 + $3 for sausage). The food was generally tasty and well-prepared. Prices were decent as well (and NETT pricing)! The Apple Cider sausage that we added to the Scrambled Lyonnaise was really hard 😫, otherwise the dish was great! Chicken stew was good too.

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Usually use burpple for reviews but hardly post cause I am lazy. This place definitely deserves a post from the lazy me! Super good food, the toast from the chicken stew was great, the chicken cutlet from the spicy noodle was tasty. Green shot (matcha with espresso) nice too :) will definitely go back again!


Featured in the picture - the Chicken Stew ($17) and the Chicken Cutlet Korean Noodles ($18)!

the Chicken Stew wasn’t as thick & hearty as I would’ve liked but nonetheless the flavours were there. the bread was toasted nicely and the chicken was extremely tender!

the chicken cutlet was really good, fried to perfection and not overly oily. the spice level is extremely extremely mild. the noodles were the standout factor for me - springy and soft!

all prices were nett so total bill for both items came up to $35! very affordable quaint cafe, would recommend coming!


There is this cafe located at Sembawang Hill Estate, serving some of their signature coffee, main and dessert.

Many people were recommending their chicken stew and I agree on that. Two piece of chicken that was juicy and lots of meat. Accompanied the stew would be their wholesome bread. Pretty much a comfort food for dinner. $17


The star of the Scrambled Lyonnaise was indeed the scrambled eggs. Cooked to a perfect combination of runny and firm texture, its the perfect scrambled egg we were looking for. The potatoes reminded us of potatoes you get in a curry puff, which wasn't a bad thing.
We added on an apple cider sausage (+$3) which definitely made the meal more complete!

The Hearty chicken stew was pretty good as well. The chicken was really tender although a little bland. The stew was creamy and surprisingly not salty. I loved the bread which was soft and had a crispy crust.

Overall a satisfying meal. The ambience was pretty good although this place is a little hard to get to.

Loved the bread, which went really well with the tasty tomato-based stew and meatballs. Satisfied!

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For: those in the neighbourhood, looking for a chill spot to get your caffeine fix!

Concurring with fellow reviewers - there seems to be a focus on aesthetic over taste. Also, definitely not wallet friendly!

Liquids: Lovely colossal espresso machine with well balanced espresso shot. Milk was not well frothed and (for the sake of the gram) the latte art was...absent. The cold brew was advertised at the counter and I couldn’t resist! It had a nice sweet aftertaste if you could get over the initial bitter bite - maybe the grounds were too old/ finely grounded? I would recommend perfecting your cold brew before advertisement, especially if you’re looking to compete with Yahava Kaffee next door (BAE). Wonder how old is their roast?

Food: I can’t say for the pasta & stew mains, but the brunch was underwhelming. The sweet brioche, sweet avocado, sweet spinach and sweet Greek yoghurt dressing produced a salmon -yoghurt cake dish. The French toast was lovely to look but dry and hard to bite, far from the crunchy gooey custard most of us expect.

Aesthetic: gorgeous.

Overall: Lovely brunch spot for a chill out which should tweak it’s recipes/ roasts! Would give it a miss if I didn’t live next door.

Would recommend it’s pastas from a previous trip but no photos, alas!

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The ambiance of the place was really nice and the food served had a hearty touch, especially so since it was a rainy day. Ok since we tried a few dishes this review might take awhile eheheh but I’ll try to make it worthwhile:)) Prawn alio olio($18).
Linguine was al Dante, but a little on the spicier side, hence it’s actually more manageable when shared. However, they were really generous with the prawns and the proportions of ingredients to pasta was just right.
Chicken stew($16)
I found it more on the potatoey?? side, like it has a thicker consistency comapref to others I’ve tried, with various ingredients added like potato, carrots and celery. I actually liked the pairing of the stew with the multigrain bread given on the side.
Tomato egg stew($13)
This was the perfect combo of spicy and tangy in a broth, it’s not as spicy compared to the alio olio, but more on the peppery side. The egg was also runny which I liked and I’m pleasantly surprised by the addition of yogurt in the stew, really gives it a more sour kick. I asked for replacement of the cider sausages for sautéed mushrooms as I don’t really eat sausage, but if any of y’all have tried,do let me know!! Ok that’s all folks ahaha if y’all know any good cafes to chill, hang out and drink coffee do tell!!:)) #lunch #alioolio #chickenstew #tomatostew #cafes #sgcafes #goodfoodgoodcompany #rainydays #burpple #burpplesg #sgfoodies

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