52 Grilled Cheese

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While the cheese was hot and stretchy, it wasn't very flavorful. Bread tasted stale and not as buttery as I'd have liked!

Some days, all you need is a comforting sandwich with gooey filling and toasted crispy bread. I’ve noticed this takeaway kiosk for a long time and finally ran out of excuses to not try it since I can now enjoy 1-1 deal here thanks to Burpple Beyond! 😊

An interesting twist on the classic grilled cheese sandwich, you get a generous amount of thinly sliced Wagyu Beef slices on this sandwich! The onsen egg is actually served separately, in a container. Well, to be fair I enjoyed my sandwich quite a lot without the onsen egg. Too much trouble and mess to eat it the way it was intended anyway. The sweet caramelised onions along with the gooey cheese and well marinated beef slices (not too much fats) really made a good combination! Very satisfying lunch

Have been wanting to try the sandwiches from 52 Sandwich Shack for quite some time and finally managed to do that. I was very impressed with the bacon Mac ‘N’ Cheese; the combo looks amazing & together with the crispy toast, it was very delicious as well. Will be back to try their other sandwiches. (Ps. getting huge cravings for those grilled cheese while writing the caption for this post)

They are also participating in Burpple Beyond, so you can get your 1-for-1 sandwiches deal here too.

Very disappointed at the sandwich that we got because we were looking forward to it so much! The bread was already soggy even though we ate it within a minute or so. The beef was really tough, had lots of sinew. The brioche bun(we assume) was also way too sweet and overpowered any taste of the cheese (which was practically non-existent). Hence our disappointment, as we were looking forward to this grilled cheese.

A level up from your usual grilled cheese sandwich, 52 Sandwich Shack’s Yakiniku Pulled Pork ($8.90) was my favourite off their menu. As sandwiched between the buttery brioche bread, was a generous portion of meat followed by a layer of pickles which balanced out a little of the heaviness of the pork and finished off with their gooey triple cheese (Mozzarella, Fontina, Cheddar). Can’t go wrong with that trio! And well-marinated with their housemade yakiniku sauce, the shredded sous vide pulled pork collar was kept moist, flavourful yet not too salty or sweet and thankfully the pickles used were not too sourish as to overpower the other elements.

52 Sandwich Shack sells 6 types of savory sandwiches coupled with their signature 3 cheeses (cheddar, mozzarella, fortina). My favourite is still the original 52 Grilled Cheese $6.90). Please read my review at www.hungryghost.sg


In place of KOKI Tamagoyaki in the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre, this sandwich stall turns out incredibly satisfying and fuss-free sandwiches. The prices are wallet-friendly too! One of the clear winners, especially among our Burpple Tastemakers, is the 52 Grilled Cheese ($6.90). With three different cheeses (fontina, mozzarella and cheddar) sandwiched between buttery, toasty brioche, this is a classic combi that'll hit the spot. For something more substantial, the Yakiniku Pulled Pork Sandwich ($8.90) that comes packed with tender sous vide pulled pork collar, homemade yakiniku sauce, pickles and the same trio of cheeses in the 52 Grilled Cheese. The result is a meaty, hearty meal, enlivened with spot-on pickles.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang

For the insta-worthy cheese pull shots, do give their signature grilled cheese sandwiches a try and challenge yourself to attain the longest cheese pull! ✨ A popular pick would be the sliced beef with onsen egg but since I am abstained from beef (due to religious reasons), I decided to give the bacon Mac & cheese flavour a try! A pretty unique and creative fusion of pasta in a toast - sinful and carbs-loaded but still, worth a try once yea? The toasted brioche is soft, fluffy and pillowy, encasing substantial fillings of macaroni coated with nacho cheese, melted cheddar and bacon bits. Apparently the cheese pull factor is lacking greatly here, without much cheese present as compared to their grilled cheese sandwich. The Mac & cheese felt abit dry somehow, or perhaps due to the fact that I did not consume it immediately after purchase. Wished that there were more bacon bits present though, as the cheesiness of the other elements had overwhelmed its smoky savoury flavour. The size was a deceiving factor too, as this cheesy sandwich filled me up for a meal surprisingly. Fans of cheese would love the sandwiches here but definitely not for the faint and light hearted! .
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No-frills simple comfort food in the form of this insanely stretchy grilled cheese sandwich - 3 types of cheese are used here; mozzarella, fontina and cheddar. With crisp buttery brioche. It might harden pretty quickly so if you’re not eating it on the spot, just heat it up again! Kinda wish it was more cheesy 😛 and if it had the classic pairing of tangy tomato soup, but it’s just me. Pretty decent at $6.90 for this 52 Grilled Cheese. Available only at 52 Sandwich Shack, now opened in the basement of Raffles City!