Yakiniku Pulled Pork Sandwich

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Eat this fast or else your bread gets soggy from the pulled pork fillings. I like the pickles as it went well with the flavourful pulled pork!

Had the pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, both great! I like the pulled pork one just a bit more. Really worth it after Burrple Beyond.

Overall the pork and grilled bread were good, but personally this item can do without the pickles.

Redeemed another deal from #burpplebeyond the other day. Late into the hype but we eventually got to try it. Picture: teriyaki chicken and pulled pork sandwich. Honestly preferred the pull pork much much more as there were stringy cheese and toasted bread. On the other hand, the teriyaki chicken came with an egg and soft bread. Both were good but because I’m a cheese lover...I’d go for the pulled pork sandwich again.


Honestly, this was the most disappointing and not value for money meal on Burpple.
#1 - Mac n Cheese Bacon
- Very little bacon
- cheese was good
- macaroni was good
- sauce was weird because it was little spicy???
- $8.90 for this alone was totally not worth. I'd rather have subway which has vege and more "complete"

#2 - Yakiniku Pull Pork
- Pork too salty
- One pickle
- $9.90 is more expensive

+ Generous portion and quality ingredients
- expensive
- not wow enough

It's not too bad but will I come again? Probably not.

Excellent choice for takeaway meal. Good balance of greens and chicken thigh + 1 flavoured egg, teriyaki sauce not over-powering. I prefer this one to the yakiniku pork ($8.90), though I didn’t like the fatty chicken skin inside this. Would be back again to try the wagyu + other. Suggest next outlet to have seating and serving meal (ie. drink + chips).

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They don't skimp on their ingredients at alll! Every bite into the sanwich is filled with Pork & CHEESE! You know the cheese pull you get when you have certain cheese sandwich? I got it here too 😋 This sandwich is pretty heavy on the palate though!

Confit Pork $8.90
Opposite of the Yakiniku Pulled Pork Sandwich, this is a refreshing sandwich. The pickled cabbage/cucumber in this gives the touch with it's sour-ness. Pork Belly patty was fried to till golden and crispy!

P/s: Ate this back in December! Had so much food that i'm still clearing backlogs 😂

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I am mad......ly in love with 52 sandwich shack sandwiches; generous ingredients that are so tasty. Did I mention how my (Japanese-tasting) pulled pork had traces of fat making the sandwich just so damn great. And the abundant amount of melted pale yellow cheese; then the signature grilled brioche bread.
Another thing about all the sandwiches I’ve tried here is the well thought pairing of ingredients- for example pickles to ease the richness of cheese and pulled pork, checked.


One of best selling sandwich. Bacon Mac 'N' Cheese($7.90) is interesting combination having smokey fried bacon and mac and cheese with grilled bread. Its great to eat in warm after serving. Next time, I will trying out Yakiniku Pulled Pork ($8.90) is also best selling sandwich. Can order a set ($3.50) with drink and side dish.

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