Chicken Salad

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Eating green is easy at this restaurant tucked in Jaya One that specialises in healthy build-your-own bowls, wraps and sandwiches. After selecting your dish type, choose your protein – options include Chicken Breast (RM12), Cajun Chicken Thigh (RM13.50) and Dory Fish Fillet (RM13). Pile on fresh vegetables, warm fillings like couscous and pasta, and choose your sauce – standouts include the Chimichurri, Tomato Chutney and Lemongrass. Pro tip: You can request for double scoops of any of the fillings!
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At this popular lunch spot, choose between a bowl, wrap or sandwich loaded with your choice of protein, salad, carbs and sauces. The price depends on your choices, but is always affordable - and always tasty.

One of my favourite places for healthy, filling, wholesome food. There’s options of wrap, sandwich and salad bowl. You can choose among a wide variety of warm/cold sides and sauces. Customise it the way you want it!

Definitely one of the best salad bowl deals in the city – for only one price you can pile on as many toppings as you want (and how much!). Some of my favs here are the cous cous, sweet potato mash, roasted vegetables and tomato salsa. For sauces, I always go with the slightly spicy and tangy Peppery Tomato and the Chimichurri.

There are choices of beef, chicken, & beef, of course, you may go all vege if you like.

There are ample of choices from the normal salad options like lettuce, cucumber, tomato, to couscous, lemon rice, pasta, grill vegetables and so on. The choices may vary each day. You may choose as many as you like.

After assembling your salad, sandwich or wraps, you may choose your choice of sauce or dressing. Sauces includes, Chimichurri, salsa, creamy butter, sate sauce, orange vinaigrette etc. Again, you may choose as many as you like and you have the option to serve the sauce separately.


Lot 100.1.037 First Floor, The School, Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact no.: 03-7666 8088


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If it's the high prices attached to healthy eating that keeps you at bay, shimmy on over to Chimichurri. This do-it-yourself salad bar in Jaya One sees an emphasis on using fresh, non-processed ingredients, and the bargain it drives at RM9.90 a bowl is just the icing on the cake. There are over six proteins to choose from, though we urge you keep your choice (and your budget) to the Chicken (RM9.90), Dory Fish (RM11.90) or Beef Brisket (RM14.90). From there, decide on your greens and then, a tummy-filling base of either couscous, quinoa, cauliflower rice or brown rice. Apart from its affordable price point, there is also much to love about their sauces, which is really where their flair is found — think delicious stuff like rendang, chimichurri, creamy butter and even spicy sambal!
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Shin D

For today's lunch, we went the healthy route! With a build-your-own salad, sandwich or wrap concept, ChimiChurri seems at first glance to be just another Subway spin-off.

Don't be fooled though! ChimiChurri offers a more contemporary selection with the meats cooked as you order it. I ordered a Dory Fish Fillet bowl (RM11.90) and had cauliflower rice, apple salsa, roasted vegetables as well as some cilantro and lemon rice topped off with a serving of creamy butter sauce.

While the piece of Dory that I got was quite small, the chicken breast that was ordered by my friend had quite a decent portion to it. Not only that, you get to pick as many items as you like and you can always ask for more scoops of each item if you feel it's not enough. Besides the items that I have chosen, do try the Rendang sauce ;)

In terms of taste, value for money and health, this is definitely the place to be!
Rating: 7/10 (because of the size of my fish)


I've always been skeptical about ordering healthy food (or salad) when I'm out basically because of the price and because of the food (it's really not healthy if it's full of dressing).
But I've heard so much about this place so decided to give it a try and it certainly did not disappoint. I ordered the chicken salad bowl, add in all the veges (which include quinoa) and went with their recommended dressing. All these for only RM9.90 and they're really generous with their servings. Other option such as beef brisket cost RM14.90 only and both salad bowl is really good. Highly recommended by people who are on their paleo diet or if you just want a healthy option.