Minced Pork Scrambled Egg Rice

RM12.00 · 6 Reviews

Devoted fans, flock to this homely cafe in Cheras for delicious rice bowls and amazing cups of coffee. The highly sought-after Minced Pork Rice Bowl (RM13) sees savoury minced pork and a scatter of bonito flakes on a bed of rice, dressed with fluffy scrambled eggs. Salmon lovers, don't miss out on the Salmon Sashimi Bowl (RM23) featuring a hefty serving of fresh salmon cubes topped with a dollop of ebiko. Complete your meal with a velvety cup of Flat White (RM11) or a fruity Black (RM8).

Still as good as before! Minced pork, fluffy scrambled eggs and bonito flakes.


Set in an old Cheras apartment, this unassuming cafe is a great spot to hole up at for a quiet afternoon with budget-friendly eats. There is a sense of serenity in being here, surrounded by friendly staff and nice neighbours from nearby residences. Feel right at home with an order of their top dish, the Minced Pork Scrambled Egg Rice Bowl (RM12), finished with a smattering of bonito flakes. Steeped in Japanese dashi stock to cook, the scrambled egg has an especially pronounced umami flavour. While not a spectacular dish, its simplicity accounts for spot-on flavours and warm comfort. The hearty portion also makes it a penny-smart choice to fill up on. If not, the cafe also stocks Tommy Le Baker's famously yummy Ribeye Steak Baguette (RM12) that should do the trick for a light lunch.
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Foodgazer

A small cozy space situation in an old apartment building. Around 7 items on their menu (available after 12pm) and a small selection of home baked desserts.
In frame: Minced Pork Scrambled Egg Rice Bowl (RM12). After seeing this quite a number of times on Instagram, I had high expectation on this simple rice bowl. Nothing extraordinary, meat was a bit dry, but the fluffy scrambled egg was good. Probably will give it another try to see if it’s better.


We've struggled with the question for some time, as we watch new Melbourne-ripoffs sprout up and wither like weeds. We don't quite have the answer. But in places like @fifthpalate, @thepreproommalaysia and @ebonyivory_coffee, we've seen a growing number of kitchens focus on genuine, non-processed food instead of the usual BIG BREAKFAST, and the effort and care really does shine through. It's a bit like the Logan movie and how it stood out as an introspective character study that also ended up as a lens on the genre at large. It focused on a smaller than expected scale and it paid off with a rich, dense movie that was an actually good film - and not just in comparison to other superhero flicks. We get the same warm, fuzzy feeling from Ebony and Ivory (but with less crying at the end). .
Take for instance their minced pork rice bowl (see our Burpple list or DM for details) or their breakfast plate (pictured). RM19 nets you some satisfyingly seasoned oven-baked pork with light, fluffy, near-perfect scrambled eggs on a robust bread with just the right degree of bite, resistance and density. It...just works. Sure, it doesn't have the flashy rocket, mandatory sous vide egg and the sauteed mushrooms of the usual BIG BREAKFAST but we honestly feel it tastes a good deal better than the carbon copy BBs in town. Honest food at an honest price point - surprisingly hard to find in KL but places like Ebony & Ivory are the kind of joints that keep us trekking on our Foodgazer journey. Also, their banana bread is delicious. As is the coffee.
And speaking of the Foodgazer journey, we are hard at work finishing up our remaining posts in the backlog. Plenty of upcoming changes expected to roll out soon, including a refreshed blog (finally) and...a venture into video? Perhaps! Stay tuned to find out.
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This cozy little neighbourhood joint serves some killer filter coffee, fantastic sandwiches (we’re told) and a very decent minced pork rice bowl. There’s a beautifully swirled egg on top of the juicy, fatty minced pork, and everything’s seasoned well. It’s a hearty, hefty bowl but the Foodgazer’s distended stomachs are up to the task. We did, however, begin yearning for more contrasting textures and flavours halfway through — perhaps something spicy or citrusy to give the dish that extra lift towards the end. That said, it's still a formidable bowl, and it's hard to nitpick when it costs just RM12!
Avg price per bowl: RM15