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Assam Chicken

$8.90 · 16 Reviews

Second visit! The mains - dang gui & assam chicken - were tender, juicy and flavourful; the imperial coffee was strong and "gao" enough. Overall, 'twas a comforting meal!

Price 9.90 for 2 chicken.

The ginger chicken is slightly plain in taste but accompanied with the chilli is nice.

Founded by our very own local celebrity Mark Lee!
13 marks his journey in showbiz. The 13 different personas he has portrayed over the years. From a Calefare to Stardom tells the story of the milestones in the stages of his life.
At 13 STAGES, he has a different story to tell.
One about friendship.
4 friends who share the same passion. Over a cup of coffee, a simple plate of aromatic chicken rice, they decided to set the stage to share their similar passion for food and kopi. Elevating their friendship to the next stage.
And thus, the birth of 13 STAGES.
Chicken Rice
13 STAGES has proudly innovated the Steamed chicken leg that is steamed in a bamboo steamer basket. Steaming the chicken in a bamboo steamer basket not only locks in the flavour, the process also keeps the chicken juicy and moist…. there’s also crispy fried and grilled options available.
Do try the chicken rice which feature succulent jumbo chicken thigh top with a variety of sauces! The traditional bamboo basket helps to lock the flavors while steaming making this a very flavorful meal. You can choose between
▫️Sesame Chicken (pic1)
▫️Danggui Chicken
▫️Imperial Ginger Chicken(pic3)
▫️Curry Chicken (pic2)
▫️Indo Chicken
▫️Assam Chicken
▫️Mala Chicken
Plus new items
▫️Asian Quesadilla (pic6)
▫️Kowloon Bowl: (pic5)
▫️Golden Chicken Floss Wrap
Don’t forget to perk yourself with the 13 types of kopi from Malaysia!👍🏽
Thks to @singaporefoodlisting for the invite and @13stages and @kallangwavemall for hosting!

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Chicken rice is one of mine and my tum is so filled tonight with flavors like Imperial Ginger Chicken (my fave), Danggui Chicken, Curry Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Indo Chicken, Assam Chicken (I like this too!) & Mala Chicken. All priced at $9.90 each, served with a hearty soup and choice of fragrant chicken rice or plain rice. .
I also tried some of the new items added to the menu like Char Siew Chicken Kowloon Bowl ($8.90), Golden Chicken Floss Wraps ($8.90), Salted Egg Chicken Wraps ($8.90), Asian Quesadillas in Assam Chicken as well as Imperial Chicken flavor ($8.90 each).
13 Stages, is founded by local celebrity, Mark Lee, together with 3 friends who share their similar passion for food & kopi. It is named for the 13 different personas Mark Lee has taken throughout his showbiz career. .
13 Stages has proudly innovated the steamed chicken leg steamed in a bamboo steamer basket, locking in the flavor and keeping the chicken juicy, moist & tender. This all time favorite dish is also served in 13 different flavours to cater to any palate and cravings. .
Besides chicken rice, they are also known for their barista-brewed kopi, hand made with coffee powder sourced from the 13 states of Malaysia. Other than variety in Western brews, traditional Kopi lovers have 13 flavours to choose from too. The unique introduction of GEMs of 3 States, is a set of 3 mini flavors of the month, so customers are teased with 3 flavors at one tasting! .
13 Stages 📍No. 1 Stadium Place #01-41 Kallang Wave Mall Singapore, Singapore, 397628
🕙 10am-9pm daily .
Thank you @singaporefoodlisting, @kallangwavemall and Steven @13stages for having me!
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Definitely worth it using beyond. It’s actually filling for 3 pax and the food is great as well.

The dang gui flavor was quite bland but it’s preferred compared to assam flavor. The assam flavor just didn’t goes well with the chicken. Both flavors are not outstanding, but the chicken is succulent and rice is pretty decent too.

(S$9.50 each)

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Visited this restaurant because of the Burpple 1-for-1 deal, I would describe this restaurant is a hidden gem among the restaurants in Kallang Wave Mall. We ordered Assam chicken and ginger chicken sets, the drumsticks meat are tendered and goes well with the sauce. Would definitely visit again.


We opted for Assam & yes it had a satisfying sourish taste but sadly without the spicy kick 😏Chicken leg was tender but it was served at a cool temperature, we love, prefer & expect the meat to be hot especially when served in a steaming basket 😐The chicken rice was however very good - fragrant & not oily 🍚
I topped up for the Imperial Kopi again due to the temptation from the banner and again felt deceived 😶 It lacked the traditional aroma & the taste was not smooth. I liked though it was served with a piece of Ritz round cheese biscuit 🙃
Honestly, I was not sure if I would be back to try out other flavors of the chicken or other items on the menu. Let’s see 🤔

Imperial Ginger Chicken - the generous portions of ginger on top were just so flavourful and on point
2. Danggui Chicken - the herbal soup was so fragrant and conforming as it was so familiar
3. Sesame Chicken - the thick nutty sesame sauce was interesting, quite like the sesame dressing on salads
4. Curry Chicken - the typical spicy nonya curry
5. Assam Chicken - both spicy and sour
6. Indonesian Style Chicken - sweet and savoury Indonesian BBQ sauce
7. Mala Chicken - the spiciest of them all
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