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Quite a sizable piece of unagi and other tempura for that price! The unagi was pretty fresh, the prawn tempura was average, seaweed tempura was nicely crispy and the portion of rice given was just nice. There was this chicken cheeseball tempura inside also and it was so heavenly. Decent tempura bowl for its price, but not the best.


The unajyu was tender, with a nice char on the surface. It is not too bad a deal if you want to satisfy your craving for unagi.
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What we tried (swipe to see more) :
1. Unatendon ($19.8)
•from the unagi, prawn, pumpkin, mushroom and everything in the bowl taste very nice•
2. Premium King Prawn Tendon ($19.8)
•impressively the prawn head is super crispy and edible. So good 👍•
3. Ebi Miso Ramen ($16.8)
•full of umami flavour, shiokk!• 🔔Swipe and get $3 OFF by showing the last picture upon payment for any bowl of Ramen or Tendon🔔

Thankyou @tjang.fonda for having me 💋
🚝MRT Cityhall
📍#B1-13 Raffles City mall 179103 Singapore
Rate(4/5)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️-VERY GOOD-

For the indecisive people who can’t decide between unagi or a tendon bowl, the good folks at Tempura TenTen have solved it with the option of enjoying the best of both worlds in the Unatendon ($19.80)!

Pretty generous slab of Kagoshima unagi - steamed before grilling, with a good assortment of lightly battered tempura (could be slightly more crisp and a tad less oily, but we did leave it for awhile). Ours was served on a bed of truffle-oil infused rice. Mildly fragrant but flavours didn’t stand out so I would probably go for the plain rice and have it with the very appetizing spicy-sweet sauce on the side.

Thank you @tempuratentenrc for having us and #Burpple for the kind invite!


Hidden at the basement of Raffles City, there’s another tendon place @tempuratenten has join in the Tendon craze in Singapore too. Unatendon, a combination of Unagi and Tempura is one of their specialty dish. Unique to see the combination but apparently it is quite popular in their Japan outlet.

Offering more than just Tendon, they serve ramen such as Special Roasted Miso Ramen ($15.80) and Ebi Miso Ramen ($16.80). Personally I prefer their ramen over the tendon (think I’m spoilt by the two popular tendon places), which is satisfying with the thick rich broth.

Can’t decide between their Special Tendon and their Unajyu? Get the best of both worlds with their Unatendon! This massive bowl features their signature tendon topped off with a huge slab of unagi brought in from Kagoshima. I really like their spicy tendon sauce that you can request to have in the side; the heat coupled with a sourish, sweet flavour really helps to cut through all that fried food.

You can add on more tempura sides and we loved the Bacon Tempura ($1.50) which was crisp both on the outside and the inside. 👅💦💦

Tasting Hosted by @tempuratentenrc and @publicist_sg
Location: 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-13, Raffles City, Singapore 179103
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The unagi is a bit too salty in this case. Maybe they can put less sauce on it. Tempura is good though.

Two Word: MUST TRY😋 Three Word: YOU'LL LOVE IT!! 😍😍)
Jumbo Prawn Tendon ~ $19.8 (U.P. $38.0)
| Extra Colossal Prawn | Truffle Rice | Homemade Special Sauce |
(Battered Prawn are Crispy & able to Hold, even after the shoot😅😅, Battered are at the correct amt of seasoning, w/ the Truffle 🍚 that doesnt overpowered the rest of the taste)
Unatendon ~ $19.8
| Grilled Unagi | French Bean | Pumpkin | Large Shrimp | Chicken & Cheese |
(Unagi that Imported from Japan cook using Steaming & Chargrilling 😋😋, texture are not mushy, seasoning just right but a tad too "charred")
Thank you Edith for Hosting,
Chef Mamoru Kanaya & Kitchen Team for the food!! 😋😋😋
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road,
Singapore (179103)
Contact: (+65) 6336 7457
Opening Hours:
Open Daily
1100 - 2200
Last Order 2130

And this is unagi with mixed tempura in a bowl of fluffy Japanese rice. I like that the tempura felt less greasy and less salty than many other tendon places in Singapore.
As for the unagi, it's boiled before being grilled, so it'll be less crispy than the leading unagi specialty restaurants in Singapore. But there's a reason for this - they use Kagoshima unagi which is more tender and not fishy. Chef felt it's more suited to this style of unagi in order to preserve the moisture and texture of the meat.
Try it, and see if you can catch a glimpse of the handsome but shy Chef Mamoru Kanaya, former Head Chef of Ramen Champion Buta God and Menya Takeichi 😊