Braised Pork Rice

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Signature 3 Mini Size Bowls Set with any drink, $15 (Braised Pork Rice, Chicken Rice, Intestine Mee Sua). We are a super mega fan of Taiwan foods and we are so glad we found them! This is the only one, & the closest we can get in SG with true Taiwanese taste in it. Our favourite is their braised pork rice and intestine mee sua that taste almost like what we had in Taiwan! Even the whole restaurant have Taiwan feel too, it makes us feels like we are truly in Taiwan! If you really love and enjoy Taiwan 卤肉饭 or Orh Lua Mee Sua, you should drop by and try them! Mind blown and we wish we had discover them earlier!

If you are craving Taiwanese food badly and cannot afford to buy a plane ticket to Taiwan, this is as close as you can get!

That Taiwanese braised pork rice is so flavourful, with a good mix of lean and fatty pork. The gravy goes so well with the rice that you could easily finish a bowl of it. The shredded chicken rice is quite good as well, and also the mee sua.

Strongly suggest you go for the 3 bowls specialty so that you get a taste of all three dishes!

Ordered the set ($15) which consists of 3 small bowls (oyster mee sua, braised pork rice and chicken rice) + a drink of your choice. We added on taiwanese sausage too. Can be shared with a friend! The braised pork rice and the taiwanese sausage was so gooood. The service is good and the place sort of have that taiwan vibes (wooden chairs and the drawings on the wall). The bubble milk tea was not bad.


No you do not have to order 3 bowls, they offer individual regular-sized bowls as well. But I could not resist the option of having a little of everything. However, the portion of the 3 mini-bowls are decent, 2 can share a set with additional sides if you does not want to overeat but still want to have a little of everything.

These bowls are so good that I don’t know which to start on first and which to save for the last.

Highlights: braised pork rice, oyster mee sua, intestine


We had the eat 3 bowls set (3 small bowls of braised pork rice + chicken rice + vermicelli + bubble milk tea) ($15) and the braised pork rice set (bigger bowl of braised pork rice + braised cabbage + egg) ($8). Food was so tasty!! (Our favourite is the braised pork rice) the bubble milk tea tasted more authentic than those from bubble tea franchises. Love the fast service (we ordered and the food came 2-3 minutes later sh00k), old-school decor and the reasonable prices as well! Would come back! 😍

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Order the trio set of braised pork rice (luroufan), oyster mee sua and chicken rice, which is a good way to try the variety of main dishes they have. The side dishes of Taiwanese sausage and braised intestines are good too.

Mini Size set with Brown sugar Bubble Tea Latte ($15)
1)Braised Pork Rice
Decent Bowl

2) Chicken Rice
The chicken slices was really soft and tender!

3) Intestine Mee Sua
Really good however towards the salty side.

The Signature Eat 3 Bowls set comprises of an Oyster Intestine Mee Sua, Braised Pork Rice and Chicken Rice, all cooked in a Taiwanese style.
Having been a frequent traveller to Taiwan and lived there for a period of time, I would say the taste is very similar to what you can find there, and not something you can easily find elsewhere in Singapore.
The mee sua is reminiscent of the famous Ah Zong Mee Sua in Taipei, while the chicken rice and braised pork rice had tender meat with slightly oily rice which made the taste all so flavourful.
Definitely would come back!


Get transported to those old school taiwan movies (apple of my eye) in this cosy taiwanese cafe, with its traditional tables and chalk boards: what took it home was the lu rou fan!!! Absolutely wolfed it down, fats and all. We got the $8 set with cabbage and Jap eggs. The aiyu jelly was also a comforting pairing.

While out of the way for me, glad i finally tried this!! Prices are nett!


Following on from its success at Seah Im Food Centre, @eat3bowls finally moved to having its own classroom themed café at Crawford Lane, just right beside @tolidosnook. Serving quality Taiwanese fare, I highly recommend going for their Eat Three Bowls set that comes with a tasting platter of Braised Pork Rice, Chicken Rice and Oyster Intestine Mee Sua. Comes with a drink of your choice, this is perfect for those who wants to try almost everything on the menu!
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️