Pulled pork eggs benedict

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Ordered Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict since everyone raves about it. The bread was a fluffy soft thick toast, and the healthy portion of pulled pork was given, with a saucer of what i think was peri peri on the side. Great dish, definitely recommend 8/10

We also ordered mushroom truffle alfredo. It was creamy, but not too thick and dense. Really liked it 7.5/10

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We ordered the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict and the Beef Kofta Shakshuka and both dishes were amazing!
The ingredients were fresh and the portions were big:)
Definitely a hidden gem in the West.

Will 100% recommend this place!

we got a Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict ($14 pre-discount) & a Rustic Meatball Linguine ($14 prediscount) prices were budget friendly (even without the 20% burpple discount) & portions were reasonable! tastewise, pasta was ~7/10 (the meatballs were really flavourful!) but the pulled pork was the wow factor for us 🥰 service was good & really accomodating as well! would totally come back for the pulled pork dish!