Curry Fried Chicken

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My group of 6 shared the Curry Fried Chicken and Garlic Roasted Chicken. Chir Chir didn’t disappoint us. We loved the dishes. Personally, I prefer the curry chicken. I recommend the mojito Casa cocktail - Lady Killer as well!

Encrusted with their signature batter and showered with a liberal coating of addictive curry seasoning, Chir Chir’s Curry Fried Chicken ($28.90) was absolutely mouthwatering! Tender and moist on the inside, the skin was deep-fried to a crunchy golden perfection. And a nice change from the familiar Korean fried chicken flavours that we usually get here; you got to adore the added textures from the crispy curry leaves, almond and chilli flakes as well as the aromatic boost they provide - savoury, mildly salty and sweet with a very subtle spicy kick. Then, double up the dose with their sweet curry dip served on the side.


Mildly-spiced, these chunks of chicken are coated with their signature batter and generously sprinkled with curry powder, giving a crunchy and satisfying bite. What’s really impressive is the meat remains tender and juicy! Dip them in the curry sauce that comes with the dish for a more savoury kick!
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Chir Chir’s new curry fried chicken was a massive hit with all the Tastemakers there, with its ultra crunchy batter, juicy meat, and its tremendous tastiness.

The brown powder encrusting the sizable chicken parts is the curry powder, which tastes like a curious cross between the curry seasoning on instant noodles, and curry flavored potato chips. It may sound gimmicky, but that flavor ain’t no gimmick. When paired up with the sauce on the side that strongly resembled Japanese curry, it becomes one ultra crunchy and clucking delicious poultry pig out.

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Another favourite of mine from @chirchirsg’s new menu has got to be the Curry Fried Chicken ($28.90)!

Their signature crispy batter coated generously with flavourful, slightly spicy curry powder while the chicken remains juicy and tender inside - comes with a curry dipping sauce that’s slightly on the sweeter side but absolutely addictive.

I’m pretty sure the Curry Fried Chicken ($28.90) will be a hit with my friends on our next visit (whenever that will be). The aromatic curry seasoning powder full coats the fried chicken like a thin crusty shell, and taste a little like Japanese-style curry, or, dare I say, Maccas curry sauce dip - sweet, mildly spicy, and pretty addictive! You can dip the juicy tender chicken into the accompanying dip to amp up the flavour.



It's so hard to choose a favorite among the dishes in the newly revamped menu by Chir Chir! I haven't had such mouthwatering fried chicken in a while; juicy chicken parts deep fried with a crispy crunchy batter, coated explosively with curry powder. The spiciness was just right, and additionally fragrant with the crispy curry leaves, almond and chili flakes. Coming across flavors like these makes me even more motivated to become a flavorist. 😂 Dip the meat in the Japanese curry sauce-alike for some sweetness amidst the spiciness!

Thank you @chirchirsg and @sixthsensepr for hosting and @burpple for the invitation!

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The Curry Fried Chicken was another hit with us for its super crunchy skin peppered with mild spicy curry seasoning powder around its juicy meat. I usually avoid curry flavored food like this because of how overwhelming it can get but this was just right and gets addictive! I like drumsticks most for they’re often the best bet for the juiciest parts of a whole chicken, so you'd be sure I was impressed that even a random piece I had from this tray was very tender and juicy. The accompanying curry dipping sauce was a little too sweet for me but the pieces of well fried chicken were already very good on its own without being greasy!