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Purple Sweet Potato Iced Lattero

$6.40 · 4 Reviews

Purple Sweet Potato Iced Lattero ROJI ($6.40)
@RojiChaseki recently opened at Raffles Exchange and carries a range of aromatic teas with samples displayed prominently at the store front. I smelt each test tube and fell in love with the scents from all of them but for starters, I tried their Purple Sweet Potato Iced Lattero as the warm weather really demanded an iced cold treat. The drink came with complimentary cheese foam which I found to be way better than those served at Liho and Heetea as the cheese flavour was light and only served to give you that smooth soothing mouth-feel with each gulp. The purple sweet potato taste was also very distinct with tinge of roastiness which I really enjoyed. My only gripe about the place was its lack of manpower which was essentially a one-man show that led to a 25 minutes wait with just 4 customers in front of me. Kudos to the service staff who remained pleasant and polite and got all the orders correct in the face of a small crowd of customers waiting!


Don't write this off as yet another tea stall. This Japanese tea kiosk in Raffles Xchange (sandwiched between Waa Cow! and Jjigae Jjigae) serves up artisanal Japanese teas that are brewed fresh upon order. While this means a longer waiting time (skip this if you're on a lunchtime crunch), it also means that every cup is put together with thought and care. Burppler Dex Neo vouches that the drinks here are worth the wait. Take his advice and try the Purple Sweet Potato Iced Lattero ($6.40). The tea was balanced and sweet, with a good hit of sweet potato flavour at the end. Add on the free cheese foam topping for a savoury contrast. For cool, rainy days, follow Tastemaker Zhihui Lim’s lead and opt for the hot version. She’s been hunting for a good sweet potato latte after she tried it in Seoul and so far this is the closest she’s had!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

Have been hunting for a good one like the ones I had in Seoul a few years back, and this is definitely the closest. Light but fragrant and I’m not sure if you’re supposed to mix it but it does get a little thicker towards the end.

Sandwiched between Waa Cow! And Jjigae Jjigae, this new tea place has got some pretty legit drinks! Everything seems to be brewed fresh upon order but that also means much longer waiting time per order (especially since the lone staff had to handle everything from the cash register to preparing the orders).

But it was worth the wait! Their Purple Sweet Potato Iced Lattero was just sufficiently sweet and had a really strong hit of sweet potato at the end. Add on the free cheese foam topping for a nice salty contrast.