Braised Pork Rice

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At $5, it comes chock full on ingredients with a substantial portion of chopped braised pork belly, pickled radish, a half-cooked egg and some greens on top of white rice. This definitely screams value-for-money and is able to fill those hungry tummies. Flavour wise, it is slightly on an underwhelming side and didn’t really wow much. However, this is a good alternative if you would like to opt for something different for lunch.
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Address: 335, Smith Street, Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, Unit 02-116, Singapore 050335

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A authentic Taiwanese cuisine launched a month ago by a young Chef Allen. Love it so much 😋

Braised pork rice 卤肉饭 • $5

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Finally I get to have a bowl of Taiwanese style braised pork rice here at Chinatown Market & Hawker Centre. This stall just opened recently definitely attract you with their signboard written “再来一碗” (Give me on more bowl), which is true for me as I planned to try their other food items. $5 per bowl


So happy to have found this. Really authentic beef tendon and shank soup. Loved the Lu Rou Fan as well


Thanks to a fellow Burppler, I learnt about this new stall at Chinatown food complex. Allen is a young and affable Chef and I must say I was truly impressed with his fare. The Lu Rou Fan was good and the egg was amazing. Wobbly and soft centred, it beats most of the ramen joints in the city hands down. The chilli is homemade and packs a nice punch. The star for me was the beef tendon and shank soup. Typically, most people would have it with noodles but as I wanted the best of both worlds, I had ordered it just soup alone. The tendon was so soft and tender and the shank was really good. I was for a moment in time transported back to Taiwan. Come support Allen, he’s at 02-116, Chinatown complex. Opens daily from 10-8pm.


The Lu Rou Fan lover in me already marked down this stall when I passed by the stall the day before — so much that I ended up back at Chinatown Complex Market to try the Braised Pork Rice for dinner. This comes at the more substantial portion size at $5; while it's difficult to beat the saucy variants that come in smaller bowls that I love so much from Scorch and Eat 3 Bowls, I actually wouldn't mind having this at all if I were to be at Chinatown. Apart from the texture of the rice which seemed to be a tad soft (hence carrying less bite especially after soaking up the braised sauce), the diced pork belly was actually rather flavourful and tender; there seems to be enough sauce drenching the rice for the most part too. What gives it the plus point is the perfect execution of the egg; served cold, the egg yolk is perfectly molten. Quite a good bowl of Lu Rou Fan to go for in the area.